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Why home wellness is spawning a plethora of business ideas - Sydney Morning Herald

Why home wellness is spawning a plethora of business ideas - Sydney Morning Herald

Why home wellness is spawning a plethora of business ideas - Sydney Morning Herald

Posted: 18 Oct 2020 11:48 PM PDT

"Wellness has been a growing industry over the past eight to 10 years and now it's becoming way more mainstream," says Alison Morgan, founder of business coaching firm Relauncher.

"Because information [about household toxins] is so readily available on social media and online, people are becoming far more educated."

Morgan, who works predominately with wellness-focused brands, says that as consumers strive to improve their living spaces and adopt healthier habits, businesses are smart to tap into the emerging market.

A new report from tech industry analyst CB Insights has highlighted the importance of doing just that – it named at-home wellness services and products as a key investment opportunity in the wake of COVID-19.

"If you're looking to go into the health and wellness industry, at first you might think it's flooded but it's absolutely not, there's so much room for growth and we'll continue to see that," Morgan says.

"People are proactively taking steps to have this holistic nature in their life. So, new businesses starting up really should be looking into the health and wellness aspect of their product or service, because that is where the general public is looking to first."

The founders of Melbourne-based eco-wellness business Sensori+ have seen first-hand how hungry consumers are for gentle solutions to common household pollutants. Their signature product, an all-natural air-detoxifying spray, sold out in 15 minutes when it launched two years ago.

"At that stage we were in two countries only, Australia and China, and it just became such huge news," recalls co-founder Ali Shoraka. "We hadn't really anticipated the buzz it created, which was quite promising."

They were able to scale their business quickly by selling on Amazon Australia, which allowed them access to a larger pool of customers. In its first six months of operation, Sensori+ had expanded to multiple global markets including Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

"It's important to us that we're able to partner with a company who can connect us to people not just all over the country, but all over the world, and who care about the same things that we do," says Sensori+ co-founder Ben Xu.

Unlike regular air fresheners that mask odours with synthetic fragrances, the Sensori+ mist uses a plant-based molecule to neutralise more than 100 airborne toxins, including formaldehyde, benzene and sulphide.

It's vegan and has been tested for safety and efficacy by global authorities including Ansto and SGS.

The technology is the brainchild of Xu, who spent more than seven years developing ChlorosPURE, the molecule used in the spray, for industrial emission control.

He teamed up with Shoraka, who has a background in luxury beauty, and architect Marc Wang to translate the formula into an appealing consumer product.

"The brand was built on this model value of how can we bring wellness and sustainability together in the form of premium home fragrance and skincare products?" explains Wang.

"When we looked at developing this collection of air-detoxifying mists we really looked at how we could make it super clean, not using any alcohol or synthetic fragrances at all, but deliver a useful freshening experience."

Boasting chic packaging and sophisticated botanical scents (as well as an unscented version), Sensori+ landed at just the right time, coinciding with the wellness boom.

They've since instilled the patented formula into a raft of products including candles, shower oils and body lotions, and have adapted quickly to the pandemic with a detoxifying mask spray.

The chic packaging and sophisticated botanical scents have coincided with the wellness boom.

The chic packaging and sophisticated botanical scents have coincided with the wellness boom.Credit: Supplied.

"Particularly this year, what we've been through with the bushfires and the pandemic changing the environment and the amount of pollutants that we're exposed to, today no one can close their eyes and pretend nothing has happened," says Wang of the brand's hyper relevance.

"People are starting to think, 'how can I have a solution, how can I improve and protect my wellbeing?'"

Morgan adds that part of the appeal of wellness-focused products is that they are often built on an ethical framework, such as sustainability or charitable support for under-served communities.

Sensori+ is no different – the company backs up its sustainable message with 100 per cent recyclable packaging and Australian-grown ingredients.

Describing the brand as "obsessed" with the clean, safe and ethical concept, Shoraka says other businesses should take note.

"I am really confident that wellness is here to stay – it's not a trend," he says. "I can definitely see that within this decade, brands who will fail to adapt to the holistic wellbeing model will really struggle to keep their connections to the consumer." put small Australian businesses front and centre at their recent Amazon Prime Day 2020, which marked the two biggest days ever for Australian small businesses on Head to to shop products from hundreds of Australian small businesses.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit and Community Focus Make Casper, Wyoming an Emerging Place to do Business - GlobeNewswire

Posted: 19 Oct 2020 12:15 PM PDT

Casper, Wyoming, Oct. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In 2019, Wyoming was rated the #16 state for people to relocate, with 55.3 percent of moves being inbound. Combine that with the affordability of registering a businesses, no individual income tax and economical living and it may come as no surprise that Wyoming is a welcoming location for business, from entrepreneurs to companies looking to relocate and employees who have the flexibility to work from home.While Casper has seen a few new businesses lay down roots in the Oil City lately, FCR—the premier provider of customer experience and business process solutions—recently announced it was expanding its operations to Casper, Wyoming, along with 200 new jobs, all of which are work from home (WFH) positions."When we were looking at where to expand our business, we were searching for a place that aligned with our company culture that would also complement our current operating locations," said Katheryn Carnahan, Chief Operating Officer for FCR. "Casper is that place and we look forward to utilizing the talents of this community and its residents."FCR joins other companies that call Casper home, including Flowstate, a technology innovation company that was founded in 2019 that offers high-tech solutions to companies in the global pipeline industry.  While it may seem out of place in a state known more for its wide-open spaces and wildlife than its access to technology, Flowstate is right at home in Casper, Wyoming."When it comes to innovation, there are no borders," said Jerad Stack, CEO and co-founder of Flowstate. "Technology exists everywhere and while we can work from anywhere in the world, we choose Casper for its entrepreneurial spirit and a community that offers the best quality of life for us and our employees."In Wyoming, diversifying the economy has long been at the forefront and was a major focus of former Wyoming Governor Matt Mead (2011 – 2019). With that focus in mind, several companies have been involved in the Casper Start-Up Challenge, an annual event where entrepreneurs looking for help can apply and pitch their business ideas.Each year, the event awards funds to help grow start-up businesses, with Casper seeing a boom in companies and individuals who are striving to bring new innovations to fruition. A few of note: Symmetry Trailers (adaptable trailers ideal for the outdoors), Piggyback Cocktails (signature cocktails in a can) and NevRA (an app that connects outdoor motorsports enthusiasts to adventure together)."Casper is a place that fuels innovation," said Amber Pollock, co-owner of Backwards Distilling Company and one of the partners behind Piggyback Cocktails. "It's a place that inspires you and lets you face challenges head-on, while also aligning you with other like-minded entrepreneurs who are looking to build a business and have an incredible quality of life outside of work."And while it wasn't part of the Casper Start-Up Challenge, this spirit of entrepreneurship also correlated with Flowstate's desire to be in Casper."There's a burst of entrepreneurship in Casper and we want to be part of it," said Stack.To help serve as a resource for potential new residents and businesses, several private and public partners launched Choose Casper (, a site dedicated to helping people learn about Casper, with information on schools, real estate, cost of living, recreation offerings and the community. It also connects interested parties with local ambassadors who share what it's like to live, work and play in Casper."Casper is a small city with a mountain town spirit," said Justin Farley, spokesperson for Choose Casper and CEO/President of Advance Casper. "For businesses that are ready to relocate to a place that is thriving and welcoming technological advancements to individuals who want to raise their families in a place with cultural amenities in the middle of wide-open spaces, Casper is ready to welcome you."Choose Casper is a partnership between Advance Casper, Flowstate and True Companies, the Economic Development Joint Powers Board and Visit Casper.Learn more about Choose Casper, and see the website, at # # About Choose CasperA partnership of like-minded organizations and locals, Choose Casper is designed to introduce Casper to professionals who are considering making the move to Casper, as well as serving as a resource for businesses that are looking to grow talent for their organization.AttachmentCasper SkylineTia Troy Choose Casper 406-529-8314


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