Small business grants now available | News - Marshall News Messenger

Small business grants now available | News - Marshall News Messenger

Small business grants now available | News - Marshall News Messenger

Posted: 08 Oct 2020 02:00 AM PDT

The Marshall City Commission approved a reimbursement grant program to support local businesses that have adapted their operations in response to COVID-19.

The Small Business Grant Fund will provide a one-time reimbursement of up to $2,500 to companies who have purchased equipment, supplies, software, safety equipment and faced financial hardship to adapt their business to state and federal guidelines after March 1.

Qualifications include:

 Locally owned small business with a storefront.

 Businesses must be inside the city limits of Marshall.

 Businesses must be sales-tax producing.

 Businesses must have been open and operating since January 1, 2020, and have at least three employees.

 The grant application must include paid receipts.

 Explanation of the purpose of the purchase.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Community Development Block Grant provided funding for this program to the City of Marshall. Applications will be reviewed by city staff for completion and eligibility. Based on the review, the city staff will make recommendations for approval by the city commission.

Applications are available at the Community and Economic Development Office, 401 S. Alamo Blvd., during business hours. Applications are also available online at on the Planning and Development Department homepage.

For more information, contact Rachel Chapman at chapman.rachel

33 small businesses in Paso Robles receive grants - KSBY San Luis Obispo News

Posted: 07 Oct 2020 05:43 PM PDT

Small business grants have allowed many local businesses to stay afloat.

But in Paso Robles, we're learning about some businesses that gave their grants away to those that needed them more.

$200,000 in federal funds went to 33 small businesses in Paso Robles. Two of those businesses decided instead, to pay it forward.

Applause Children's Theater in Paso Robles just received $4,000 in grant funding that was initially awarded to another business.

"I cried and we were just ecstatic because even if we just used it for rent, that's two more months we can stay open," said Founder/Director Vikky Mullin.

When the pandemic began in March, the theater was three weeks away from opening night of "Beauty and the Beast," which is their main source of revenue.

"So we lost anywhere between what we usually take in for a show, $40,000 to $50,000 for a show, and it's still been postponed," Mullin explained.

She says the new funding will also pay their dance teacher and supplies for upcoming classes and camps.

"To know that the kids are going to have a place to come back to just gave me so much more hope that we can keep doing this," Mullin said.

The city received more than 100 applicants for the grants.

"The request grants totaled over a million dollars which far exceeded the $200,000 CARES Act budget that we had," said Paul Sloan, City of Paso Robles Economic Development Manager.

Two businesses, Joe's Place and Max House Cleaning Services, both declined their grants.

"These are really tough times but I felt that we'll be okay and pass it along to somebody that really needs it," said Joseph Ontiveros, Joe's Place Owner/Manager.

"It makes me feel so glad that we're helping some other people to keep their families, to have a meal on their table," said Alicia Max of Max House Cleaning Services.

That money also went to Class Act Dance and Performing Arts Studio and Thrive Training Center Gymnastics School.

"It was $4,000 equated to the word 'hope,'" Mullin said.

Each grant awarded was between $4,000 and $6,000.


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