Best states to start a business - Eyewitness News (WEHT/WTVW)

Best states to start a business - Eyewitness News (WEHT/WTVW)

Best states to start a business - Eyewitness News (WEHT/WTVW)

Posted: 06 Oct 2020 03:13 PM PDT

DALLAS (STACKER) — When it comes to starting a business in America, not all states are created equal. About one-fifth of all startups do not survive past their first year of operation, and almost half don't make it to five years, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.

Location makes a big difference. Some states have a low cost of living and affordable housing to make it easier to attract workers, while others have tax-friendly policies to make entrepreneurship easier. Some have a shortage of available and able workers, while others have a growing, well-educated labor pool. Overall, the goal for most startups is to find an affordable location that will provide access to skilled workers as well as plenty of resources to get a business up and running.

To determine the best states to start a business, Stacker ranked all 50 states based on a 2019 WalletHub study that looked at 26 key indicators of startup success. Three key factors were considered in the ranking: business environment, access to resources, and business costs. To determine these, the study looked at the number of startups per capita, the five-year business survival rate, and access to financing, among other influences. Other factors were the accessibility of financing, the length of an average workweek, insurance costs, the variety of surrounding industries, and access to higher education.

States that ranked highest tended to have low taxes, reasonable housing prices, and well-educated workers. Business-friendly Utah, for example, has high growth among its small businesses, plenty of access to financing, and a well-trained and growing workforce. The business environment in Texas is unrivaled. Real estate is reasonable, incentives abound, and small businesses tend to do well. Those at the bottom of the ranking tended to have a heavy tax burden, a high cost of living, and expensive real estate.

States successful at nurturing new business also have a broad array of creative and innovative incentives, initiatives, and financing avenues. Georgia, where hundreds of startups are flourishing, encourages new business with research alliances, incubators, accelerators, and supportive workspaces.

Read on to see how each state measures up.

#50. Rhode Island

– Total score: 35.29
– Business environment rank: #50
– Access to resources rank: #24
– Business costs rank: #36

Rhode Island ranks at the bottom of the list, based on its business environment score. That includes factors such as its number of engaged, committed workers; startups per capita; the five-year survival rate of businesses; and the variety of industries around the state. They do, however, have an Innovation Voucher program to help companies seeking research and development by underwriting studies at a university medical center.

#49. New Jersey

– Total score: 36.42
– Business environment rank: #44
– Access to resources rank: #15
– Business costs rank: #50

The Garden State offers a bounty of resources for starting a business, including training for small business owners and a micro-business credit program, and its population is among the most educated in the country. But dragging the state down are high business costs, from taxes and the cost of living to the affordability of office space.

#48. New Hampshire

– Total score: 37.94
– Business environment rank: #46
– Access to resources rank: #46
– Business costs rank: #39

A lack of available workers and limited access to resources make starting a business difficult in New Hampshire. But the NH Tech Alliance aims to make the state a technology hub through incentives and funding. Also, New Hampshire has no income tax, and its tax rate for businesses is lower than those of its neighbors.

#47. Hawaii

– Total score: 38.05
– Business environment rank: #30
– Access to resources rank: #49
– Business costs rank: #41

Hawaii is a tough place to start a business, due to its low access to resources such as financing and educated workers, and its labor costs are among the highest in the country. Added to that are its expensive cost of living and housing market—according to Zillow, the median value of a home in Hawaii is $614,500.

#46. Connecticut

– Total score: 39.31
– Business environment rank: #48
– Access to resources rank: #4
– Business costs rank: #48

A population that is among the most educated in the country and financial resources make Connecticut attractive to aspiring business owners. However, it scores poorly in terms of its business environment, such as its small business growth and entrepreneurship; the state is also home to some of the most expensive places to live in the country, including New Haven-Milford, Worcester, and Hartford. 

#45. Pennsylvania

– Total score: 40.18
– Business environment rank: #47
– Access to resources rank: #22
– Business costs rank: #37

Hampering startups in Pennsylvania is the state's business environment, which lacks a diversity of industries and fast-growing firms. The cost of housing is among the nation's lowest, but its taxes can be grueling: The tax of 58.7 cents per gallon of gasoline is the highest in the nation.

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Top 5 Best CRM Software For All Your Small Business Needs This 2020 That You Can Try For Free! - Tech Times

Posted: 06 Oct 2020 01:04 PM PDT

Starting a business is somewhat hassle, especially when handling different requirements and affairs in your ventures as a start-up company. Sometimes, employing people can be a hassle and may get in the way of your goals and aspirations as both of you do not see eye-to-eye in the company's visions. Machines are now replacing humans, even in the so-called Customer Relationship Management (CRM) efforts of various companies present now.

(Photo : Bitrix24)

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a system designed to aid businesses in interacting with a client, customer, or even those interested in joining the company. They are the automated systems behind every query. These systems are not noticeable on websites, pages, or social media accounts. 

CRM aims to simplify all the complex work that requires numerous people on the job, working on different designations. This system can bring you a long way in terms of different management and communications in an aspiring entrepreneur's business and ventures. Most people stop with CMS's idea as for communications or customer relations only; however, this is the common mistake each one has.

According to Zoho, a known CRM software company does not stop at customer relations and communications. It goes way beyond its mileage to provide business needs, including sales records, managing contacts, recording activities, sending corporate pre-made emails, making calls, and a handful more of its functions.

Basically, CRMs are like 'business boosters' that aim to aid the owners and entrepreneurs who will use and avail of its services. Choosing the right platform that offers several features and functions can go along way for the owner, complementing the businesses' voice and persona that it offers. CRMs can go in different forms and faces that will fit one's need for a start-up company.

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Top 5 CRM Systems for 2020

(Photo : Insightly)

The list includes some of the ideal CRM software available on the market today. Some companies may offer free trials before a monthly plan that will surely be a bang for your buck, serving for all the businesses' needs of your start-up.

The list below will include the special functions, pricing, and usability of the CRM for business owners to have ideas from. This list also includes affordable CRMs available out there--all below $100. 


Arguably one of the most reliable and top-notch CRMs in the market today, HubSpot offers start-up companies with flexible plans that can surely benefit the business. HubSpot is most known for its readily-available and free version for start-ups to use immediately.

When trying out CRM systems, HubSpot is an ideal choice for the free version it offers business owners can accommodate an unlimited number of users for the company. Several add-ons are available, but some business owners find no need for those anymore.

HubSpot also boasts its CRM to be a Certified Google Partner and its built-in interface available on the cloud. Records of transactions are readily available on the 'email-like' interface that is easy and manageable to use.

PRICE: Free - $50 Add-ons /month

Check them out here: HubSpot CRM Website


Zoho is one of the most recognizable CRM systems in the world, with forefront and globally-famous companies using the software as the preferred choice amongst all. Zoho boasts that, Netflix, Suzuki, Bose, Abu Dhabi Aviation, and other popular companies use the CRM System.

Zoho's unique feature is its inter-platform availability with the Web and Computer System, iOS, and Android app presence, both for the PC and Mobile. This is a handy feature for CRMs as a business can be done remotely and brought anywhere just within one's pockets.

The system's artificial intelligence tools help users, and business owners customize their feeds tailored to their needs and preferences for both the owner and customer. Zoho's CRM offers a wide variety of feature-rich platforms that mainly focus on sales, marketing, and accounting.

Collaborating projects, an automated help desk, email campaigns and follow-ups, forms, surveys, human resources, and social media integration are some of the vast features offered by Zoho. The CRM can be offered for free, by Zoho, for its first three members, with more plans ranging up to $20.

PRICE: Free (for first three members) - $20 (for add-ons) /month

Check them out here: Zoho CRM Website


(Photo : Streak )

Another popular and reliable CRM system is Streak--known for its interactive systems and design that adheres to Millenials and those with modern taste. The company's CRM systems are hip and fun, turning the boring and lifeless array of numbers and data to fun and tasteful interface amongst software systems.

Streak is most famous for its direct integration of Google's very own mail system, Gmail. With its design and interface built around one of the most popular and used email service of the generation, Streak makes itself one with GMail's features such as spreadsheets, documents, and the easily accessible email system.

Streak synchronizes itself with Google's mail services, making it more accessible and user-friendly for those who will make use of the product. Apart from its features that promote sales, real estate, business development, fundraising, customer support system, hiring, and project management, Streak offers the business owners the chance to customize the CRM for a more personal touch.

PRICE: Free - $49 (Pro Version with 14-day Trial) /month

Check them out here: Streak CRM Website


Bitrix24 is known for offering up the trio for management, Web, iOS, and Android. Bitrix24 also offers very low plans and pricing for its CRM systems, with the free version already supporting multiple users.

Bitrix24's affordable CRM is reliable for different needs such as sales, marketing, project management, online store, website creation and promotion, customer service, and HR management. Bitrix24 has the ability to rival different competitors in the market for its seamless functions that offer powerful features up its sleeves.

The basic interface of Bitrix24 contains everything a start-up company needs. Bitrix24's basic interface has all the tabs, functions, and tools arranged on the left-hand side of the CRM, easily customizable to adhere to the needs. The most famous function is website creation that offers different templates already, speeding up the process in less than 15 minutes.

PRICE: Free (12 users) - $1.98 (Standard Plan) & $19 (Advanced Features Plan) /month

Check them out here: Bitrix 24 CRM Website


Insightly is known for its sales and project management specialty that benefits the business needs and preferences that are heavily induced in profiting. Start-up companies with their eyes set for sales and project teams to keep the company running may find that Insightly is the choice for CRM.

The company offers a user-friendly and simple interface that even first-time users can navigate and use with ease. Dropdown menus containing all the needs, like tools and functions, are strategically put together and concealed for a simpler appearance.

'Activity Sets' takes Insightly to a whole new level, focusing on allowing an all-in-one project management for all of the teams and customers that require the creation or accomplishments of tasks.

PRICE: Free (2 Users Only) - $49 (per user) /month 

Check them out here: Insightly CRM Website

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