A Different Small Business Saturday in Manayunk - NBC 10 Philadelphia

A Different Small Business Saturday in Manayunk - NBC 10 Philadelphia

A Different Small Business Saturday in Manayunk - NBC 10 Philadelphia

Posted: 02 May 2020 08:07 PM PDT

Virtual Small Business Saturday to help local businesses - The Dickinson Press

Posted: 24 Apr 2020 12:00 AM PDT

Out of Town, a contemporary fashion store with locations in Dickinson and Bismarck, is heading a big project this Saturday to support local businesses during the pandemic and this tough time.

They have partnered with Pure Barre of Bismarck to start a virtual small business Saturday to help all businesses and especially those in need.

Any business can join, and the place to go to shop or post details about deals your business is offering is a Facebook page called virtual small business Saturday.

The Facebook page can also be found under an event on Out of Town's Facebook page.

Out of Town also asks that links be posted in the group where individuals and customers can go to see offers and things that they may wish to purchase.

"We just wanted to start the event and start a platform to bring businesses a place to come together and have one day where we can all do a deal and encourage people to shop local. We set it up to where people can go to this Facebook page," Brooke Leno, the founder of Out of Town said. "They can post their deals that they want to offer on that page. We also have a website associated with it that will update as people post in the Facebook group."

The hope is that businesses from all over will join and many across the state already have.

Blue 42 and Mainstream Boutique in Dickinson have already posted in the Facebook group, and they are participating.

The deals they are offering can be found along with others on the Facebook page.

There is a link to the website on the Facebook page, and it will be updated with what participants are offering and the details of where customers can shop.

Leno felt it was important to get customers shopping and supply them with what they need even though a lot of stores have been closed recently.

Shopping virtually may feel and look a little different, but it is vital to keep many small businesses alive during these trying times.

"We are trying to encourage people to support local businesses through all of this and there are a lot of ways that you can do that," Leno said. "Even if it is more virtual, it is a little different than we are used to but we want to encourage everyone to keep thinking locally. Without those customers, we wouldn't be here."


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