Your Guide to Small Business Saturday 2019 - Small Business Trends

Your Guide to Small Business Saturday 2019 - Small Business Trends

Your Guide to Small Business Saturday 2019 - Small Business Trends

Posted: 31 Oct 2019 12:00 AM PDT


Your Guide to Small Business Saturday 2019

Holiday shopping season lurks just around the corner. And small businesses need tons of new ways to bring new customers through the door. One of your best opportunities may fall on Small Business Saturday. The holiday has supported small businesses for nearly a decade. New business owners, make sure you make the most of this holiday. Just enough time remains to plan and benefit from the event.

Small Business Saturday 2019 is coming soon and we've got the one guide you need to get ready to roll out the carpet and attract customers.

Small Business Saturday 2019

When Is Small Business Saturday?

This year, Small Business Saturday 2019 falls on November 30. It always takes place on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so the day after Black Friday and two days before Cyber Monday. It is an all-day event. And many businesses stretch out the entire Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday festivities to offer a long weekend full of specials and sales to grab customers' attention.

What Is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday is an annual holiday meant to call attention to the importance of small businesses in our economy and to encourage support for small companies, especially at the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Many local communities host shopping events and businesses around the country host sales and specials to encourage local shoppers to stop by.

American Express originally trademarked the holiday back in 2010. But it's since been picked up by many businesses and organizations throughout the country, including the U.S. Small Business Administration and tons of local chambers of commerce and downtown shopping districts.

Who Can Celebrate Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday is for all small businesses. It's especially relevant for retail businesses since it falls during the holiday shopping season and is well known for the #ShopSmall campaign. However, both online and offline businesses can participate, as well as local restaurants, small service providers and even B2B businesses.

How Can Small Business Saturday Benefit My Business?

The SBA estimates that 108 million consumers supported small businesses last year on Small Business Saturday. So the holiday has certainly gotten people's attention throughout the country. Since it takes place during the holiday shopping season, small retailers are likely to benefit the most. But with more and more customers going out shopping, they're also likely to stop by local restaurants, coffee shops and entertainment venues in their communities.

Even local service providers and companies that don't have much to do with holiday shopping can host sales or take part in local events to get the attention of relevant consumers on a day where their mind is already focused on supporting small businesses.

Once you get new customers through the door as part of a special event like Small Business Saturday, you may be able to convert them into repeat customers. Provide a positive experience and highlight the qualities of your business that set you apart from larger competition. And those customers who may not have even been aware of your company a week before could turn into lifetime visitors.

Ideas for Promoting Your Business

One of the best ways you can call attention to your business on Small Business Saturday is by taking part in various events in your community. Check with your local chamber of commerce or business organization to see if there are any shopping events or specials that you can participate in. They might even create a map or directory of local shops to help customers find new small businesses to support in the area.

You can also promote your small business online. Offer special deals to those who follow you on social media or sign up for your email list to reward those who support your small business throughout the rest of the year. You might even partner with other businesses in your area or niche and host a joint contest or giveaway so you can reach new potential consumers online.

Finally, since Small Business Saturday falls during the busiest shopping season of the year, deals or added value on purchases can go a long way. Call attention to your deals by posting online, taking out local ads or simply putting up signage.

It makes no difference what methods you use to bring people through the door. You must provide them with a positive experience. It keeps them coming back. Small businesses usually don't realistically keep up with larger competitors strictly on price. So try to add value in other ways. Consider offering a free gift for those who spend a certain amount. Offer gift wrapping. Partner with a local restaurant. Give each customer a coupon so they can enjoy lunch or dinner after a full day of shopping.

Resources for Small Businesses

Do you want to make the most of Small Business Saturday? Maybe you don't know where to start. Browse through the resources available to help.

American Express provides maps and directories to help consumers find small businesses to support. Sign up for an account. Learn more about getting your business listed. The company also offers the "Shop Small Studio." You can help create custom posters and signage to support your store or local business.


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5 Last-Minute Ideas for a Successful Small Business Saturday - Entrepreneur

Posted: 27 Nov 2019 12:00 AM PST

It's not too late to make this Small Business Saturday a success for your business.

5 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Small Business Saturday is an American shopping holiday that celebrates small businesses and it happens every year on the last Saturday of November. This big shopping day is a great way to promote your small business because unlike other popular shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you don't have to compete with the big guys. 

So, it's important that you take advantage of Small Business Saturday this year if you want to attract more shoppers to your business and generate more sales. But, how can you stand out on Small Business Saturday and grab the attention of shoppers?

Check out these 5 ideas for a successful Small Business Saturday. 

1. Put up signage

If you want to have a successful Small Business Saturday this year, first you need to remind your customers of the shopping holiday. So, be sure to put up signage in your small business weeks before the big day to inform shoppers and get them excited about the event. 

American Express, the creators of Small Business Friday, even offer customizable free signage and marketing materials like decals and posters you can use to promote Small Business Saturday to your customers.  

If your business doesn't have a physical location, you can "put up signage" on your website. Make sure to display your Small Business Saturday promotions prominently on your homepage and consider creating a dedicated landing page for Small Business Saturday deals. 

2. Create an email marketing campaign

Email is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers—and it's one of the best ways to promote your Small Business Saturday deals too. With email marketing, you can send your subscribers an invitation to your Small Business Saturday event straight to their inboxes. 

Take a look at this Small Business Saturday email from Forest Finds. In the email, Forest Finds thanks their loyal customers and lets them know that they can get 25 percent off their products during the upcoming event. 

The email also creates urgency by using phrases like "don't wait," "one day only" and "don't miss it." Creating urgency will encourage shoppers to nab those awesome Small Business Saturday deals before it's too late. 

3. Use social media and relevant hashtags

Your audience is on social media. In fact, according to Oberlo, 90.4 percent of Millenials, 77.5 percent of Generation X and 48.2 percent of Baby Boomers are active social media users. So, if you want to have a successful Small Business Saturday you need to be on social media too.

Start creating and sharing Small Business Saturday posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, like small business The Mason Jar Monroe does below. 

This eye-catching Instagram post gives shoppers a sneak peek of what the business is offering on Small Business Saturday including deals, a hot chocolate bar and an opportunity to give back to the community in exchange for a coupon. 

To widen your reach, be sure to use relevant hashtags like #SmallBusinessSaturday, #SmallBizSat, #ShopSmall and #ShopLocal. 

4. Run a giveaway

A great way to get shoppers excited about Small Business Saturday is by running a giveaway. Everyone loves winning a prize or getting a free gift so running a giveaway will give shoppers a little extra incentive to shop at your business on the last Saturday of November. 

Your business could hold an online giveaway where users have to share your post in order to enter. This will help get the word out about your Small Business Saturday promotions faster. You could also run a simple raffle at your business or give away a free gift to the first 25 people that make a purchase. A giveaway is a great way to stir up excitement and turn casual shoppers into lifelong fans of your business. 

5. Share the story of your business 

Lastly, because Small Business Saturday is all about supporting local, small businesses, you should share your story. Sharing the story of your business will help you make connections and build meaningful relationships with your customers. 

So, let your customers know how you started your business and why you started it. You can share your story via signage, social media posts, in your email newsletter and so on. Sharing your story will help your customers get to know the person behind the company and show them why they should support your business.  

Make Small Business Saturday your own

Get ready to have the most successful Small Business Saturday yet. With these tips, you can attract plenty of people that are interested in shopping at and supporting small businesses like yours. 



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