6 Brainstorming Techniques For Coming Up With Small Business Ideas - The Story Exchange

6 Brainstorming Techniques For Coming Up With Small Business Ideas - The Story Exchange

6 Brainstorming Techniques For Coming Up With Small Business Ideas - The Story Exchange

Posted: 13 Aug 2019 09:48 AM PDT

Coming up with a new business idea can be stressful, but you don't have to pull your hair out -- there are ways to keep your creative juices flowing. (Credit: Unsplash)

Brainstorming for a new business can be difficult, but there are ways to keep your creative juices flowing. (Credit: Unsplash)

I have sat and talked with many women who were tired of their jobs and wanted out or had several hobbies that they thought they could make money from but couldn't decide which one to choose. They would often hear, "follow your passion" or "find a problem and solve it."

While sometimes "passion" and "problem" work, there are methods for exploring and generating new ideas. The brainstorming process helps you discover fresh ideas, encourages critical thinking and just flat out gets all the creative ideas out of your head and onto paper.

So, there are a few different techniques that I used with my clients to move them from a cluttered headspace to a clear mind.

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1. Mind Mapping

This is one of my favorites. There are many programs online that will help you with the process, but you can absolutely do this with just pencil and paper. You start with a key word, problem or question and then use lines that branch from your subject that are key ideas. Write a keyword on each line and then add ideas that may trigger new thoughts or ideas. Warning! This map could go on forever but it's okay. Let the ideas flow. I have a client who joked that her mind map looked like an EKG.

2. 3…3…3

I have used this with adults and youth, and it is a lot of fun. Start with jotting down three hobbies and three skills. Create a table with your three hobbies on each individual row and the skills across the top on the columns. Think about what type of ideas you can create based on your hobbies and skills listed. For example, your hobbies may be sewing, writing and yoga and your skills are organization, business acumen and communication. You could start a business being a Yoga consultant, designing Yoga clothes or writing a book on Yoga techniques. You should have at least 3 ideas from this brainstorming technique.

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3. IF

This technique is similar to just solving a problem. Again, start with a sheet of paper and pencil and respond to the following statements:

It would be great if:

Things would be easier if:

What I can do about it is:

List at least 6-8 "IFs" and see how many ideas you can create in the "What I can do about it is" section.

4. Idea Funnel

Start with a general topic and narrow it to a one-sentence concept. Visually this looks like an upside-down triangle or a funnel. The steps you should follow are this:

  • write down an idea
  • narrow it down
  • tighten it up
  • make it clear
  • state the facts
  • come up with a one-sentence concept

An example of this would be

  • a restaurant
  • a vegan restaurant
  • a vegan fast food restaurant
  • a vegan fast service restaurant
  • a vegan fast service restaurant serving breakfast and lunch
  • a vegan fast service restaurant serving breakfast and lunch for customers on the go.

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5. Reverse the Storm

This sounds really crazy, but it actually works in coming up with creative ideas. Start by listing problems. Instead of trying to come up with ideas for solutions, reverse this process and think about ways to cause the problem or make it worse. Once you have a list, then spend time reversing each of those ideas. Don't be analytical or judgmental. Just let the ideas flow.

6. Bounce

This technique is a favorite of mine if there are at least three people involved. One person needs to be the scriber. You start with a keyword and the person next to you says the next word that comes to mind. It then goes back to the next person and you continue to bounce ideas off of each other. The scriber is writing the words down and after about five minutes, pause and view the words written to see if a business idea has been created. If not, restart the session with the word that you left off with OR use one of the words scribed to start a new brainstorming session.

The bottom line with business brainstorming is that you have fun with it. There are no bad ideas in brainstorming. Every thought can lead to a brilliant idea if you take your time and keep challenging yourself. Of course, you want an idea that can be monetized but many profitable ideas started from a crazy idea written on a napkin. Start throwing out your ideas and see what sticks.

Stacey Banks Houston is the Founder of Banks Int'l Group and Chief Launch Coach of RSVP Consultants. She has committed herself to the launch and growth of entrepreneurs over the last 23 years. Stacey is the author of The Passion Plan: Journaling Your Business from Passion to Position to Profit and Seasons of Wholiness: Inspiration for the Seasons in a Woman's Life. For more information, visit www.staceybankshouston.com.

300 Examples Of Business Ideas To Help You Start A Successful Business - Entrepreneur

Posted: 01 Aug 2019 12:00 AM PDT

Are you looking for a business idea? But you want to make sure it's profitable first? You can learn from these 300 businesses to ensure your start-up launches on the right foot.

10 min read

You're reading Entrepreneur South Africa, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media.

Starting a business is tough, and not a lot of start-ups make it. To ensure your business is as competitive as possible, you'll need to do lots of research into your competition and see what other innovative businesses are doing. 

This can take a significant amount of time, so we've compiled a directory of 300 innovative business and insights you can gain from them. These 300 businesses are divided into the following categories – choose a section you feel best applies to what you're doing and gain a much needed competitive advantage: 

1. Examples of Food Business Ideas

So, you've decided to start a food business, but how do you differentiate yourself? What are successful food businesses doing to put themselves a topping or two above their competitors? When starting your food business ensure you incorporate the lessons from these companies to ensure your food business idea is a success.

2. Examples of Home Service Business Ideas

Everyone is busy these day. After work, no one wants to have to climb up on a ladder to try and fix a hole in the roof or a shorting light fitting. This creates a business opportunity for you. Here are 10 home service business ideas and examples of successfully operating businesses:

3. Examples of Personal Trainer Business Ideas

There is a growing number of people looking for an interesting way to get their daily/weekly dose of exercise in. You can offer an innovative personal trainer business idea to capture their interest and continue to engage them. Before you launch, it's always beneficial to find out what your competition are up to. Find some examples of personal trainer business ideas here:

4. Examples of Childcare Business Ideas

Parents sometimes need help looking after their children, no matter what age. If you have experience with children and a youth development, education or caretaking qualification, you can start your childcare business idea. Here are 10 examples of childcare business ideas you can use to get your business off the ground:

5. Examples of Educational Business Ideas

There is a growing emphasis on students to improve and increase their education and on adults to continue improving their education. With this solid demand in the educational industry, you can launch a business either improving on skills or teaching brand new skills.

6. Examples of Writing Business Ideas

You can start your writing business from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a solid internet connection. However, there are tips and tricks to ensuring your writing business remains profitable, here are 10 examples of writing business ideas you can use to launch the best possible version of your writing business:

7. Examples of Film-Related Business Ideas

The film industry continuously to grow year-on-year increasing its opportunities for film entrepreneurs. You could start a business doing voice-over work, scriptwriting and even costume design. Before you launch your start-up, here are 10 examples of film-related businesses you can gain insights and strategies from:

8. Examples of Photography Business Ideas

If you have the right equipment and experience you can offer your photography services to both local and international customers. There are a lot of opportunities for someone with a good eye for images. Before you get going here are 10 examples of successful photographic business ideas you can learn from:

9. Examples of Business Consultancy Business Ideas

A business consultant offers advice to companies in their area of expertise. You can consult businesses on everything from leadership development to stress management. Here are 10 examples of business consultancy businesses you can learn from to help give your consultancy a competitive advantage:

10. Examples of Personal Services Business Ideas

Personal services can be anything from housesitting to personal shopping, if you think you have a particular talent for helping others manage their lives, then this could be the business opportunity for you. Before you launch your business here are 10 examples of personal services businesses you can use to ensure you remain competitive within the industry:

11. Examples of Pet Business Ideas

Pet owners are happy to spend money on their pets, whether it's training, boarding or day-care, there are a lot of opportunities in the pet space. If you're an animal lover and want to work with them all day, here are 10 successful examples you can use to ensure your business remains competitive:

12. Examples of Clothing Business Ideas

There is always a demand within the clothing industry, whether you're helping someone to improve their look or repairing their fabric-covered furniture. If you have the talent and the experience you can start a clothing business. Before you get started here are 10 examples of clothing business ideas you can learn from:

13. Examples of Retail Business Ideas

Do you want to sell finished products directly to consumers? The retail industry could be the business opportunity for you. You could open anything from a clothing shop to a gaming parlour but before you get started you will need to know what strategies to employ and what you should offer. 

14. Examples of Online Business Ideas

Advancements in technology have enabled entrepreneurs to create businesses that are wholly operated in a digital environment, resulting in decreased overheads and the freedom to run a business on the move. Before you launch your business learn a few strategies from these examples of online businesses:

15. Examples of Manufacturing Business Ideas

There are many small-scale manufacturing business ideas that can you can convert into a sustainable and profitable business. There's a market for you whether you're launching a manufacturing business that makes shoes, wigs or cosmetics. Here are 10 examples of manufacturing business ideas that can give you insights into starting your own manufacturing business:

16. Examples of Social Media Business Ideas

Social media enables businesses to directly reach and engage with their customers and target markets. If you have the right skills, you can launch a successful social media business.

Before you start your new business, you'll need to see what is happening in this industry. Here are 10 examples of social media businesses to give you a snapshot of this industry:

17. Examples of Tourism Business Ideas

Since South Africa is known for its natural beauty, tourism will always hold numerous business opportunities, especially if you live in a popular tourist destination. Your business can offer everything from tours to accommodation and experiences.

18. Examples of Party Business Ideas

You can offer your services to ensure your clients have the best possible party experience. Starting a party business doesn't mean you have to be at every event, you can help clients find vendors or rent party supplies. 

Here are 10 examples of party business ideas that you can use to gain insights into the entertainment industry and strategies to ensure your business' success:

19. Examples of Cannabis-related Business Ideas

Selling cannabis itself is still illegal, but you can launch a business to support this growing industry. Since users are allowed to use weed within the comfort of their homes, there is the opportunity for support businesses to grow and offer users services. Here are 10 examples of cannabis-related business ideas:

20. Examples of Transportation Business Ideas

Transportation is vital to the progress of every city. There's always something or someone that needs transportation, and someone willing to pay for this to happen. There are numerous potential transport business ideas you can start; from Uber driving to specialised medical transportation. 

Before you launch your transport business you can gain some strategies from these 10 transport business ideas:

21. Examples of Environmentally-Friendly Business Ideas

There is a growing demand by consumers to be more environmentally-friendly. This has created a growing number of green business opportunities. You can open any business from services helping others to be more eco-conscious or offering environmentally friendly products. 

22. Examples of Rooibos Business Ideas

Rooibos naturally has numerous antioxidants and natural benefits. This has made it the cornerstone of several product lines. If working with a natural and beneficial ingredient is exactly what you're looking for then these could be the rooibos business ideas for you:

23. Examples of Drone Business Ideas

Drones and their various applications continue to grow in popularity as entrepreneurs find more and more uses for them. If the idea of running a drone business and offering very niche, specialised services appeals to you, this could be the business idea for you.

24. Examples of Sharing Economy Business Ideas

The sharing economy continues to grow in high demand as consumers look for more cost-effective ways to fund, purchase and find items. You can launch anything from a jewellery rental business to an errand running platform. Before you start here are 10 examples of sharing economy business ideas you can learn strategies from:

25. Examples of Home Décor Business Ideas

Not every person is gifted with the skills and talent to decorate and furnish their homes and gardens. There are customers that will need your help to create the perfect home. If you're passionate about home décor, then this could be the business idea for you.

26. Examples of Film-Related Business Ideas

The film industry continuously to grow year-on-year increasing its opportunities for film entrepreneurs. You could start a business doing voice-over work, scriptwriting and even costume design. Before you launch your start-up, here are 10 examples of film-related businesses you can gain insights and strategies from:

27. Examples of Vegan Business Ideas

Veganism continues to grow in demand across the world, with more people than ever choosing a plant-based diet. You can tap into this market by starting your own vegan business idea. Before you start researching, here are 10 potentially lucrative vegan business ideas you can learn from to ensure your start-ups success:

28. Examples of Elder Care Business Ideas

There are numerous business opportunities available for someone looking to support the elderly community. If this is a passion close to your heart, then this could be the business idea for you.

Before you can start a business, you first need an idea, here are examples of 10 elder care business ideas you can gain insights and strategies from:

29. Examples of Design Business Ideas

Creating and designing something new, innovative and interesting continues to be exciting in numerous industries. If you're good at creating something from scratch or designing something never before seen, then this could be the business idea for you.

Here are 10 examples of actual design businesses you can learn from to ensure your company has a competitive advantage:

30. Examples of Financial Services Business Ideas

You can use your financial experience to start your own business for private individuals or businesses. You can offer numerous services from bookkeeping to expense reduction analyst and tax accountant. Before you launch your business here are 10 examples of financial services businesses you can gain strategies from:

Extra: 10 Examples of Businesses That Could Inspire Your Next Business Idea

Whether you're interested in starting an online life coach business or developing technology for virtual reality or offering a decluttering service. Before you launch your business, here are 10 examples of different kinds of businesses you can gain insights and strategies from:

16 Popular Small Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs - The Story Exchange

Posted: 01 May 2019 12:00 AM PDT

Thinking of starting up? There's no time like the present for women entrepreneurs - especially since it's officially National Small Business Month! (Credit: Alejandro Alvarez on Unsplash)

Thinking of starting up? There's no time like the present for women entrepreneurs – especially since it's officially National Small Business Month. (Credit: Alejandro Alvarez on Unsplash)

Women business owners are on the rise.

That's according to the 2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses report, which finds that female entrepreneurship has increased by an impressive 3,000 percent since 1972. And between 2017 and 2018, women started an average of of 1,821 new ventures per day.

What kind of businesses are all of these women starting? According to our own research effort, 1,000 Stories, personal and professional services — think dog walking, law and beauty — are frequent choices, as is selling goods online.

So, in honor of National Small Business Month, we've outlined some popular startup ideas with great growth potential. After all, there are ample reasons to start up — seeking work/life balance or financial stability, or wanting to be your own boss — and milestones to work toward, like expanding from a home-based business to having a brick-and-mortar location.

Whatever your reasons or goals, here are some industries you can look to launch in.

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1. App Developing

Women are designing apps used by thousands that solve a range of problems — from booking beauty appointments, combating street harassment or safely chauffeuring children to addressing the isolation that new mothers or employees at large firms sometimes feel. Of course, starting up in a male-dominated industry like tech can be tricky for women — just ask Shaan Kandawalla, founder of educational app maker PlayDate Digital. But with a client list that includes brands like Play-Doh, My Little Pony and Transformers, she proves it's possible to find success all the same. Watch her statup video below.

2. Online Retail/Wholesale

The power of technology meets the desire to sell a physical product. We've spoken with women who run websites selling bras, high-end watches, eco-friendly clothing, baby supplies for parents of multiple children, and much more. And many of them are thriving doing so — especially in the case of immigrant entrepreneur Anna Metselitsa, a chance to thrive in a new country. She launched her online boutique, Haute Rogue, not long after arriving in the United States with just $300 in her pocket. Today, she sells thousands of garments each month.

3. Financial Services

Who doesn't need help with money? (Well, probably not you, if this is an industry you're considering). A number of female founders have built sturdy ventures helping artists, retirees, homeless people and more regain control of their finances. In particular, we have seen numerous business owners help their fellow women find financial clarity. Others, meanwhile, found success by looking to the future — like Kelly Peeler, whose fiscal education platform, NextGenVest, uses tech to teach Generation Z about the risks around student loans. Her firm was acquired by CommonBond, a tech company that uses data to lower education costs, proving just how in-demand a financial business can be.

4. Agriculture and Farming

For nature lovers, this could be the perfect startup area. Kristy Allen certainly made it work. Her business, The Beez Kneez, sells freshly made honey and teaches paid beekeeping classes to Minneapolis residents, and makes hundreds of thousands of dollars every year doing so. The Piggery's Heather Sandford is also thriving — her humane pig farm makes millions every year selling bacon, sausage and other pork products

5. Dog Walking and Pet Services

One word: puppies! If you're a dog lover, and wondered how you could turn that into a money-making venture, Becky O'Neil can show you the way. Becky's Pet Care is a multimillion-dollar venture that walks thousands of dogs every month. It also boasts several locations. Despite the parade of cute dogs, the business is hard work. But "it's absolutely a wonderful way to change your life," O'Neil says. (Note: You can also cater to (wo)man's best friend in other ways, like, selling all-natural dog food or offering grooming services.)

6. Cooking, Catering and Restaurant Management

Like tech, the food industry can be tough for women to navigate — just ask chefs Jody Adams and Ana Sortun. They run successful Boston-area eateries, but had to rise up through sexist work atmospheres. But if you have a knack for cooking, or baking, you can turn that idea into a profitable venture. Just turn your best pound cake, health food, quiche or truffle recipe — or whatever else you can whip up — into a product to sell. (You can also turn your love of food into an app, if that's more your speed.)

7. Marketing and Public Relations

Have a way with words, and people? Put it to good use! There are plenty of businesses that could use your services to get the word out to customers. Whether you're a storyteller, a video producer, or a true visionary, people need their narratives told and their products sold. Why not be the one to help them out?

8. Photography

Capturing a place or moment in time is a unique — and potentially profitable — skill. Photographers can build studios that document weddings, vacations and growing families for clients eager to remember those moments with beautiful imagery. Or, you can think outside the box like Maureen Erokwu. Her Google-backed business, Vosmap, takes pictures of businesses so that their prospective customers know what they look like before arriving.

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9. Law Firm

When a person needs legal assistance, trust is paramount. So if you are an experienced, savvy lawyer looking to set out on your own, opportunity awaits. Whether your concentration is immigration, entertainment, maternity or conflict resolution, there are opportunities to turn your legal mind into profits. (And if you're a lawyer looking to shift gears while starting up, that can work out, too!)

10. Life Coaching

Are you the person people turn to for advice? Why not turn that clarity of thought and ability to guide others into a business? Plenty of women have. Whether you're best suited to counsel clients on their careers, health, businesses or mental well-being, there are opportunities to start and grow a venture based on your talents.

11. Beauty

This is a booming industry, with lots of ways to break in. Whether you start an app like Melody McClosky of salon-booking app StyleSeat, craft skincare product like Daisy Jing of Banish and Funlayo Alabi of Shea Radiance, sell perfumes like Carina Chaz of DedCool, or do hair and makeup for special events like Takia Ross of Accessmatized, you can find a lovely future for yourself in this sector.

12. Human Resources/Staffing

If you have a contacts list a mile long and a knack for making connections, you should consider starting up in this space. Kristine Jones did, and now her firm, New England Flagger Services receives government contracts for the safety staff she trains. Nina Vaca, meanwhile, has made a billion-dollar business out of tech staffing firm, Pinnacle Group. And it's not just money you can make — Dr. Uma Gautam's female executive headhunting firm, HeadPro Consulting, is also making a difference for women's representation in India's c-suites.

13. Medicine and Health

What's more important than one's health? Creating a business in this space requires expertise, to be sure. But if you have it, consider following in the footsteps of women like Future Family's Claire Tomkins, Pandia Health's Dr. Sophia Yen, Neurocern's Dr. Anitha Rao, or Whole Women's Health's Amy Hagstrom Miller. Each found creative ways to assist people with complications surrounding infertility, birth control and abortion access, and dementia. Grit's Tish Scolnik also found her calling in health, putting her engineering skills to use to design "the mountain bike of wheelchairs."

14. Comedy

If you believe laughter to be the best medicine, owning a comedy club could be for you. Amanda Austin and Caroline Hirsch have made livelihoods out of it, and their spots — the Dallas Comedy House and Carolines on Broadway, respectively — are now storied institutions in their respective cities. It can be a tough road for a female founder to travel, but these two women entrepreneurs prove it's possible to succeed all the same.

15. Educational Products

An education is a powerful thing. Stacy Ratner's social enterprise, Open Books Ltd., has turned her understanding of this fact into a firm that improves literacy rates among Chicago children. She's not the only one finding success in teaching others, either — Xiaoning Wang of ChinaSprout, Tiffany Ard of Nerdy Baby, and Supriya Hobbs and Janna Eaves of Miss Possible thrive by teaching culture, science and history through their products. And it's not just for kids. Rita Robert Otu of Beau Haven Farms is helping rural women in Nigeria by teaching them how to work the land.

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16. Eco-Friendly Products and Services

There are many great ways to go green in business. We recently reflected on some of our favorite environmentally friendly women-owned ventures for Earth Day, with founders like Lynn Julian and Chance Claxton of U Konserve and Ann and Jenny Siner of My Sister's Closet making the list. There are also services you can provide in this space, like Traci Phillips of Natural Evolution, who is hard at work tackling our collective e-waste mess.

10 Small Business Ideas That Can Work in 2019 - Influencive

Posted: 24 Jul 2019 12:00 AM PDT

Have you ever thought of starting a business and then given up that idea due to lack of capital? What if I tell you there are millions of business opportunities around you that won't need a bucket load of investment from your side? Yes, you read that right.

There are many small businesses that you can start without requiring a huge investment or workforce; but, before you start your business know yourself, your worth, your capabilities, and skills of doing business. I have compiled a small business idea list for you to explore and get inspired to start a business as soon as possible.

Before hopping on to a business idea, there are certain things that you need to figure out for yourself. It is often said that opportunity is a subjective term. You may see a huge opportunity in a sector, whereas the person standing right beside you may call it rubbish.

This doesn't mean that there is no opportunity at all. It simply means that your perspective is different from that person's, and you see that particular subject differently than he does.

Someone may suggest business as per his knowledge regarding the sector or regarding you, but you need to answer some questions before you zero in on the best idea. 

These questions include –

Do you want to do business?

Which sectors interest you?

Is there enough scope for you to earn profits there?

Do you have the prerequisite knowledge of that sector?

Does the business provide long-term opportunities?

There can be several other questions that you may need to answer, but the prime objective of these questions remains the same nevertheless. Do you just need to see if you understand the path which you are about to take? These answers are the pointers which will show you the path.  

Here is my list of 10 Small Business ideas that can work in 2019:

1) Consulting Services

If you have vast experience and you are willing to share it with the world, consulting services is the best option for you to go for. The best part about this venture is you will require minimum capital expenditure to get yourself going. You can choose between B2B or B2C services as per your area of expertise. This will also let you dictate the course of the venture without asking for permission from any other person. This guide can help you if you are planning to start consulting services.

2) Event Planning

If you have an eye for details and you know how to make it work together, you should try your hand at event planning. There is a huge market for this gig, and if you are good, you will get regular offers which will give you decent pay. 

Event Planning is all about making connections. If you know how to coordinate and manage, you can start this business in a few days with the help of a handful of people.

3) Freelancing

More and more people are looking for Freelancing work now. It's not just about money; it also provides you with immense freedom to lead your life on your own terms. 

You can decide your area of specialty, the client you want to work with, and the hours you want to devote. Depending on the niche you choose, there is a huge fluctuation in demand and pay if you freelance. If you have expertise in something which is rare, be sure to hire a secretary to manage your work soon!

4) Graphic Design

If you are into art and love to design random stuff, you should try your hand at graphic design. This sector has a huge demand as well as pay. Plus, it is absolutely interesting, and you get to show off your skills in the best possible manner. 

If you want to start Graphic Designing, you will just need a good computer and some apps to boot up. With time, you can upgrade your skill and equipment.

5) Fulfillment by Amazon Sales

Fulfillment by Amazon is one of the safest bets that you can undertake. This facility will allow you to market your products via Amazon without the real headache of running a business. 

Amazon will take care of most of the peripherals on your behalf, like handling, storing, shipping, packing, etc. The prime job that you have to undertake is to deliver your products to the Amazon Fulfillment Center, and they will list your products on their platform.

6) Food Trucks

This idea has recently picked up pace and has become very popular worldwide. So if you believe that there is a cook hidden somewhere in you, you can invest in the idea of owning and running a food truck. 

You can choose how many products you want to sell and, accordingly, manage the labor and inventory that you will require to deliver the products to the consumer. You can get the truck on rent initially if you are short on money or if you are unsure if your business will take off or not.

7) Bakery/Brewery

If you want to sell desserts and snacks, you can get yourself a bakery. Or, if you want to brew beer, you can set up a brewery. This is a great way to earn from your passion. 

Not only can the world get to know how accomplished you are, but you can also give yourself a chance to prosper without having to spend a lump sum at the very onset. If the business is successful, you can open local branches in the city and, who knows, you may even set up branches worldwide, which will showcase your brilliance.

8) Pet Grooming

There are many busy people who love to own pets but aren't able to devote ample time for their grooming. If you feel you have a love for animals and you can groom them properly, why not turn it into a business idea? 

You can open your own pet-grooming facilities or pet-grooming trucks that do the job on the go. You can also offer supplementary services that come along with the main service to give yourself more profits.

9) Nutritionist

The current generation is increasingly getting obese. They have forgotten the need to eat healthily and, if we speak the truth, the lifestyle has become such that they don't get enough time to think about the nutrition that they intake. 

What if you come in and plan it for them? They just need to follow the diet suggested by you and should have no difficulty in doing the same. Do you see the business opportunity in this? Well, before you dive in, make sure you do your research well and understand the diversity that this profession has. You may well need a certification to carry this out professionally.

10) Moving Services

Moving Services are also becoming very popular with time. Professional movers make the job of moving and settling down in a new place a lot easier than it actually is. 

Plus, this business requires very low capital investment, and the market is huge. Every day, we hear someone or the other moving out around us. How about helping them in doing the same without any hassle and getting paid for that? 

All you need is a team of experts who understand their job well. You can also provide ancillary services like packing, unpacking and shuffling, etc. along with the main service.

Final Words:

So, have I got you interested? These are some of the readymade ideas for you to begin with, but there are millions of ideas if these don't suit your needs. So, wear your working clothes and give your mind a run. Try and figure out what is the most suitable opportunity for you and work relentlessly to achieve success.Opinions expressed here are the opinions of the author. Influencive does not endorse or review brands mentioned; does not and can not investigate relationships with brands, products, and people mentioned and is up to the author to disclose. VIP Contributors and Contributors, amongst other accounts and articles, are professional fee-based.

James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.

Published July 24, 2019


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