ONE YEAR LATER: Pendleton's Country Market back in business, but on smaller scale - KMBC Kansas City

ONE YEAR LATER: Pendleton's Country Market back in business, but on smaller scale - KMBC Kansas CityONE YEAR LATER: Pendleton's Country Market back in business, but on smaller scale - KMBC Kansas CityNational Board for Small Scale Industries warns business owners against fraudsters - Myjoyonline.comHow To Start Marketing Your Startup Or Small Business - ForbesA New Wedding Planning Firm Brings a Big Dose of Style and Ease to Small-Scale Affairs - bostonmagazine.comONE YEAR LATER: Pendleton's Country Market back in business, but on smaller scale - KMBC Kansas CityPosted: 28 May 2020 06:42 AM PDTJOY AND HEARTBREAK OF THE PAST YEAR. HALEY: FIVE OUT OF SEVEN GREENHOUSES WERE DESTROYED IN THAT TORNADO. THIS IS THE ONE THEY HAVE REBUILT. AND EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE REBUILDING HERE AT THE PENDLETON'S FAMILY FARM, SOME THINGS BIG AND SMALL MAY NEVER BE QUITE THE SAME. THE TORNADO LEFT VERY LITTLE STANDING. >> THIS WAS OUR MACHINE SHED. AND THIS IS THE HEART O…

HIplan's Wyban Earns SBA Small Business Advocate Award - Big Island Now

HIplan's Wyban Earns SBA Small Business Advocate Award - Big Island Now

HIplan's Wyban Earns SBA Small Business Advocate Award - Big Island Now

Posted: 09 Jul 2019 12:35 PM PDT

Dr. Jim Wyban was recently named SBA's Small Business Advocate for Innovation for his work developing HIplan and the Hawaii Island Business Plan Competition.

Dr. Wyban received the award at the Hawai'i Island Chamber of Commerce award luncheon in June.

(L–R) Judi Mellon, director of East Hawaii SBDC; Dr. Jim Wyban; and Hawai'i SBA Regional Director Jane Sawyer.

The 32nd Annual Statewide SBA Small Business Awards for Hawai'i included an impressive roster of top performing, savvy small business owners, exporters, contractors and small business advocates at a ceremony and pau hana celebration May 3, 2019, at the Prince Waikiki on O'ahu.

Twenty nine award-winners were honored for their achievements and contributions to the vitality of our local economy.


The Small Business Person of the Year Award recognizes staying power, increases in revenues and sales, job creation, response to adversity and innovation in small business operations, products or services as well as commitment to their community.

Rolf Klein, CEO, and Alvin Bongolan, COO, of Hawaii Energy Systems of Aiea have been selected as the 2019 Small Business Persons of the Year for the State of Hawai'i by the US Small Business Administration Hawai'i District Office. Hawaii Energy Systems represented the State of Hawaii in Washington, D.C. at the celebration of National Small Business Week beginning on May 5.

In addition to State of Hawai'i winner Hawaii Energy Systems, the top small business owners representing the counties included:


County of Maui: Angela Leone of Maui Leones, LLC, dba Coconut Condos
County of Hawaii: Delwin Bothof of Volcano Winery
County of Kauai: Bob and Christine French of Brennecke's Beach Broiler
City and County of Honolulu: Tracy Lawson of Lawson & Associates

SBA's Entrepreneurial Success Award is presented to individuals who own and operate a business that started as a small enterprise and, with SBA assistance, grew to a much larger business entity that now exceeds the size classification of a small business. Ross and Anna Scott of Sunshine Helicopters on Maui were honored with the 2019 title for the State of Hawaii.

The Small Business Exporter honors individuals who own and operate a small business that engages in selling products or services outside the United States, uses creative marketing strategies and advocates and supports increasing export opportunities for other small businesses. The outstanding exporter selected for the 2019 awards is:

State of Hawaii: Ken Hirata of Hawaiian Shochu Company

The SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award goes to individuals who have shown the likelihood of success during a minimum of three years of operation and ownership of a small business before reaching the age of 35 and demonstrates increasing sales and job opportunities.

State of Hawaii: Kristal Muhich of Kauai Juice Company
County of Maui: Ray Michaels of Maui Plumbing Inc.
County of Hawai'i: Alfred R. Pacheco III of A P Construction
City and County of Honolulu: Zak Barry, Matthew Hong, and Luke Untermann of Banan

The Family-Owned Small Business of the Year Award goes to small business owners who have continued to operate a going concern that is at least 15 years old and has transferred a portion of ownership from one family member to another and integrates family members in a variety of employment roles and opportunities.

State of Hawaii: Craig Yoshikawa and Max Yoshikawa of McKinley Car Wash
County of Hawaii: Michael Nakashima of Rannikks Auto Specialists
County of Kauai: Edward M. Kawamura, M. Kawamura Farm Enterprises, Inc.
City & County of Honolulu: Drs. Mark, Mitchell and Norman Chun of Kamaaina Dental Associates dba Dr K B Chun and Sons

Small Business Advocacy Awards are presented to those individuals in our communities who assist small businesses through demonstrated efforts to increase the awareness of the contributions of small businesses to the economy and the availability and effectiveness of resources, tools and support of small firms, key industry segments and underserved communities.

Small Business Advocate for Business and Industry

State of Hawaii: Mary Begier, Mary Begier Realty in Hilo
City and County: Kiran Polk, Kapolei Chamber of Commerce
County of Hawai'i: Miles Yoshioka, Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce

Small Business Advocates for Innovation

State of Hawaii: Omar and Tarik Sultan, XLR8UH and Sultan Ventures
County of Hawai'i: Jim Wyban, Hawaii Island Business Plan Competition (HIPlan)

Small Business Advocate for Minorities

State of Hawaii: Melanie Martin, State of Hawaii Department of Transportation

Small Business Advocate for Women in Business

State of Hawaii: Leslie Wilkins, Maui Economic Development Board

Small Business Advocate for Financial Services

County of Hawai'i : Jacob Burrill, Jacob Burrill, CPA

Small Business Advocate for Media & Journalism

State of Hawai'i: Jay Fidell, ThinkTech Hawaii

Small Business Advocate for Veteran Owned Small Business

State of Hawaii: Noela Napoleon, Patsy T. Mink Center for Business and Leadership

Makana Ho'okō no Ke Ola – SBA Special Award for Lifetime Legacy

State of Hawaii: Naomi Masuno, Bank of Hawaii

30 Places You Can Find a Simple Project Plan Template - Small Business Trends

Posted: 09 Jul 2019 07:30 AM PDT

Planning a project as a small business owner becomes a lot easier. If you use a project planning template. In fact, you'll find many out there. And they come a variety of formats. As a result, you'll need to conduct some research before identifying the ideal template for your requirements.

To aid that research, check out these 20 project planning templates. And at the bottom you'll find another 8 of the best templates compatible with Microsoft Word.

Free Simple Project Plan Templates

Project Timeline Tracking

Track your project's deadlines and status with this Excel timeline tracking template from Microsoft Office. You simply enter the project start date, add team members' names and assign tasks to the project calendar.

Timeline Planning

This PowerPoint timeline-focused template from Office Timeline takes a broader perspective of the project to ensure important tasks are completed on time. It also doubles as a useful presentation tool for stakeholders.

Task Management

This task management template focuses heavily on the requisite tasks instead of other aspects such as milestones or issues and is ideally suited for smaller projects. Download the Excel template from Analysis Tabs.

Phase Scheduling

This project schedule template lets you separate the project into different phases which are segregated into various actions and activities. Download it from Vertex 42 in Excel format.

Weekly Work Scheduling

Although primarily a employee record, this weekly work schedule template in Excel format can be adapted as a project planner thanks to the task assigning option. Download it from Find My Shift.

Daily Work Scheduling

Microsoft Office also have their own daily work schedule template in Excel format which is great for managing the weekly, daily and hourly activities of your staff. Download it from Microsoft Office.

Task Flowcharts

Flowcharts can be excellent for defining goals. For example, this Excel template from Demand Metric will automatically sort them after they have been added. It is free but does require registration with an email address to download.

Task Structuring

Use a tabular format to organize tasks and their deliverables into various levels of priority with space to add notes for each. It is available in Excel format from Vertex 42.

Individual Weekly Tracking

This Microsoft Office Excel template lets you track a specific employee's work-related activities over the course of a week. Add details about the clients they work with and projects they work on.

Individual Monthly Tracking

For a broader view of an employee's project-related activities over the course of a month, download this monthly task tracking template from Vertex 42.

Gantt Charts for Planning

Vertez 42 also have a useful Gantt chart template in Excel format with which you can track a project's progress via an attractive Gantt chart visual.

Gantt Charts for Task Structure

Microsoft Office also provides a simple and flexible Gantt chart project planning template in Excel form.

Gantt Charts for Task Planning

This PowerPoint Gantt chart project planning template from Template Tab can also be used to make presentations to clients and stakeholders. Scroll down the page to template #31 for a free download.

Monthly Budget Planners

This budget planning template helps you ensure your project remains on track and on budget. Download it in Excel format from Vertex 42.

Project Budgeting

Another excellent project budget template can be downloaded in Excel format from Axia Consulting. Quickly calculate your software project budget and tailor the template to your individual needs.

Project Risk Management

This risk management template from Smartsheet lets you identify risks and detail the measures required to avoid them. It is available in Excel format.

Risk Management Planning

This risk management template from Safety Culture can be used to identify risks and record the impact of them on a project as well as assess the likelihood of the risk occurring and its seriousness. Requires registration.

Work Breakdown Diagrams

This simple PowerPoint work structure template contains diagrams for project management or project planning and is a very basic and easily understood planning template.

Project Timelines

This project timeline management template for PowerPoint is not only a project management tool but can be adapted for presentations to teams, clients and managers.

Business Planning Timelines

This flexible business project planning template for PowerPoint lets you modify dates and more. For example, you can add new milestones or tasks. And you can even change the colors and shapes of any object automatically with just a few clicks.

Free Microsoft Word Simple Project Plan Templates

Project Management

Use this project management template to deliver project work on time and within budget. You can download the template from the MyPM website. And you can find Word or PDF format.

General Purpose Project Planner

Project management consultancy Solarity offer this general purpose project charter template free of charge. The design may seem simple. But it contains quite a lot of detail for complicated projects.

Simple Project Planner

The New York University management school offers this simple but effective project charter template with a variety of perks. For instance, the NYU project plan features an attractive template that is compatible with Microsoft Word.

Assorted Project Management Forms

The CDC may seem a curious source of free project management templates. But they are very basic. As a result, they contain all necessary fields And you'll also find helpful user instructions.

Project Status Reports

Don't forget this in-depth project status report template also available from MyPM. It includes additional fields for a variety of purposes. For instance, to report key accomplishments, schedule variance, budget details, risks and other issues.

More Status Reports

Microsoft Office provides a pre-formatted project status report template. It helps you keep your key stakeholders updated. For example, they can see progress of any given project.

Work Breakdown

Check out this free work breakdown structure template from My Word Templates. You'll find it compatible with Word. As a result, it lets you edit the text to add up to three levels of deliverables.


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