ONE YEAR LATER: Pendleton's Country Market back in business, but on smaller scale - KMBC Kansas City

ONE YEAR LATER: Pendleton's Country Market back in business, but on smaller scale - KMBC Kansas CityONE YEAR LATER: Pendleton's Country Market back in business, but on smaller scale - KMBC Kansas CityNational Board for Small Scale Industries warns business owners against fraudsters - Myjoyonline.comHow To Start Marketing Your Startup Or Small Business - ForbesA New Wedding Planning Firm Brings a Big Dose of Style and Ease to Small-Scale Affairs - bostonmagazine.comONE YEAR LATER: Pendleton's Country Market back in business, but on smaller scale - KMBC Kansas CityPosted: 28 May 2020 06:42 AM PDTJOY AND HEARTBREAK OF THE PAST YEAR. HALEY: FIVE OUT OF SEVEN GREENHOUSES WERE DESTROYED IN THAT TORNADO. THIS IS THE ONE THEY HAVE REBUILT. AND EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE REBUILDING HERE AT THE PENDLETON'S FAMILY FARM, SOME THINGS BIG AND SMALL MAY NEVER BE QUITE THE SAME. THE TORNADO LEFT VERY LITTLE STANDING. >> THIS WAS OUR MACHINE SHED. AND THIS IS THE HEART O…

Best Small Business Branding Ideas For 2019 - BBN Times

Best Small Business Branding Ideas For 2019 - BBN Times

Best Small Business Branding Ideas For 2019 - BBN Times

Posted: 12 Jul 2019 04:48 AM PDT

Branding is essential for all businesses. Branding is not just delivering products. Some of the best branding ideas help your business create experiences and build connections with customers which is much more than the product or service you offer. People come to your brand not for the product but for the experience. That is the real essence of branding. Everything your brand identity is related with will have an effect on your brand. This can be as big as the logo design or as subtle as the choice of colors you pick for the next billboard. Marketers who have created strong brands are aware of the fact that brands live everywhere. Branding your company means giving it life and meaning. It gives shape to the reason why people should connect with your brand.

Why is Branding Important for your Customers?

The brand is the most prized asset of an organization. It is comprised of a unique blend of choices in terms of logos, tagline, design, voice, etc. which knits an entire experience for your customer. It helps to reinforce the brand identity of your business in the minds of your customers.

  • It has a great influence on the purchase decision of your customers as most shoppers buy products from the brands with whom they have been associated with a considerable length of time.
  • It helps to build your brand identity which goes beyond the product or service your business offers. The customers can relate to your brand via your identity.
  • It acts as great support for all the marketing and advertising efforts. The success of any advertising campaign for an established brand is already fixated by the impact of the brand name.

Best Business Branding Ideas for 2019

  • Be Genuine: Branding will help you bag the necessary share of mind and share of heart for your customers. It helps build your goodwill in the market. However, all this will fall flat if you are not authentic or being genuine about your products. Always keep your target audience in mind and ensure that every touch point with your customers is marked by honest messaging and information. If you try to put up a façade for the sake of the success of any isolated marketing campaign, it will backfire as your loyal customers will be confused due to inconsistency.
  • Grow Inside-Out: This one is critical and can be a game-changer in your branding efforts. It involves branding your company in a way that leads to forming a tribe or a community. This tribe will be of your loyal customers or followers. It is this inside-out word of mouth marketing done by these people which will help you gain a sound organic reach. As they are your loyal customer base, their views will be simple, effective and highly authentic. Also, when marketing comes from people rather than businesses, more people are likely to believe it.
  • Be the Solution: As a business, your product or service should be the answer to the most basic needs of the customers. This will happen only if your brand is able to relate to the customer by making sincere efforts to learn about their problems. Knowledge of persona of your customers also makes a great difference as it helps to identify their likes, dislikes, and other interests.
  • Value your Existing Customers: This is a highly competitive marketplace with every industry having many players who are trying their best to woo the customers of their competitors. So, it is as important to reach your existing customers as is to reach new ones. Remember if your current marketing strategy is not directed at your existing customers then you risk the chance of losing a battle already won. It is your onus to always be at the top of mind of your existing customer base by consistent reminders, updates about new products, invitations or even wishes on important occasions. You just have to convey that they are valuable to you and you miss them.
  • Give Back to Society: One of the best branding strategies which have a huge impact on people is when your brand is involved in any service, activity or event for the larger good of the people. It greatly enhances the brand appeal and credibility in the minds of your target audience. It works better than some of the best business branding ideas. Such efforts are also picked by media and leads to indirect marketing as well.

Brand perception is important and the best business branding ideas strive to create a lasting appeal in the minds of the customers who will remember your brand for the entire experience. You have to remember that your brand will live in every touchpoint with the public. Be careful about the finest details. Do not brag or overdo as facades have a very short shelf-life. Branding your company should be the prime focus even if you are a small start-up as many big companies often look for small established brands to reach new markets. For more insights about the importance of branding, you may Subscribe to our newsletter or may Get in Touch with our branding experts.

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Sarasota named #2 Best Small City to Start a Small Business - Longboat Key News

Posted: 17 Jun 2019 12:00 AM PDT

The City of Sarasota has been swirling with accolades recently in the National Press. Last month, it was named the 18th best place to live in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. Just this past week, Sarasota was recognized as the #2 Best Small City to Start a Small Business by Verizon.

Verizon conducted the survey and based rankings on various factors including drive time to work, taxes, income, loans per capita and broad-band access.

Verizon gathered data from almost 300 cities across the country with populations that were required to fall between 55,000 and 75,000 residents to qualify.

The actual language describing Sarasota in the final report by Verizon says, "It's a good time to be in business in Florida it seems, cities in the Sunshine State make up 30 percent of this list's top 10 and nearly half of the top 50. What gives Sarasota the edge? Maybe it's the shorter commute time than its fellow Floridian top-tenners, Coral Gables and Doral. It could be the rich, tourist-fueled economy and thriving cultural arts scene that draw not only snowbirds


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