Small Business Saturday draws 40+ Lehigh Valley participants. Here are their deals. -

Small Business Saturday draws 40+ Lehigh Valley participants. Here are their deals. - lehighvalleylive.comSmall Business Saturday draws 40+ Lehigh Valley participants. Here are their deals. - lehighvalleylive.comPosted: 30 May 2020 05:22 AM PDT More than 40 Lehigh Valley small business owners Saturday will be offering virtual deals on what they say will be one of their biggest shopping sales annually.Small Business Saturday typically is timed for following Black Friday in November. The nationwide effort for the past decade encourages communities to shop local as it kicks off the busiest shopping season of the year.The chamber is moving this year to hold the event twice -- this time with social distancing -- as many businesses struggle to survive financially during the coronavirus pandemic. Gov. Tom Wolf ordered all non-life-sustaining businesses to close their doors on March 19. Restaurants were then forced to offer menu items by takeout only with curbside pickup or delivery.Lehigh Val…

Elections mean a time for change | Opinion - WV News

Elections mean a time for change | Opinion - WV News

Elections mean a time for change | Opinion - WV News

Posted: 12 Jun 2019 09:00 AM PDT

I'm writing this long before the polls close on Tuesday and before any results are announced for the City of Weston. I'm always anxious on election days, and this one was no different, and in some ways even more anxiety ridden, as every seat will have someone new.

That newness is exciting in itself because with it, new ideas, new opinions, and new partnerships can be formed. This doesn't necessarily mean old is bad, but enough residents have let me and the staff know that they hope this change will be for the good.

Comparisons will be made between the old council and the new, and I hope that the good things the outgoing council accomplished are remembered. Small Business Saturday and pocket parks are two examples of positive things that grew out of that administration.

With that in mind, we need to be realistic about the new council and understand that they, too, will inevitably make decisions that will not make everyone happy. Their job is to do what is best and fiscally responsible for the city.

Everyone can have differing opinions about what is best, but it is still the job of the elected officials to make those decisions.

Our job as citizens is to ensure they are doing their jobs, and to be involved. That involvement doesn't stop when the council, commission, or BOE meetings end. This is our community, and our responsibility.

Those elected officials do need to be made aware of issues in the areas they represent, and I hope the lines of communication remain open and constructive, because once those lines break down, it is nearly impossible to repair them.

There is added pressure, I believe, on the incoming council and mayor. They are facing a weary and critical population, inside and outside city limits. Any early misstep could set the tone for their terms.

I myself am hopeful that positive working relationships can be built between the city, county, BOE, and the town of Jane Lew. Lewis County is still small enough that what benefits one can usually benefit all. This partnership is vitally important to any growth that could happen here.

Bridging the gap between the school system and local government is quite possibly the most important. It is not the sole responsibility of students to become knowledgeable about what their hometown can offer them. We have to show them, and we can only be successful at that if we work together.

These students need to be shown a reason to stay, or return here after college if that is their path. They absolutely will not return if all we show them is negativity, spitefulness, and the inability to work together for the greater good.

If the goal is the same — to make Lewis County even better —then we need to stay on the same road. This doesn't mean there isn't room for differences of opinions. It does mean that when those differing opinions arise, we need to work together even more to find a solution.

Everything You Need to Know About Small Business Saturday 2018 - Small Business Trends

Posted: 14 Nov 2018 12:00 AM PST

Small Business Saturday 2018 is around the corner, as communities gear up for a day of supporting small businesses across the United States.

If you're a small business, an employee at a small business, or a supporter of small businesses and want to become involved in Small Business Saturday 2018, take a look at everything you need to know about this day dedicated to supporting small businesses.

Small Business Saturday is always celebrated on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and Small Business Saturday 2018 is taking place on November 24.

Unlike Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which focus on larger retailers and ecommerce stores, Small Business Saturday encourages consumers to shop at predominantly small and local retailers and to use small, local service such as restaurants and other independent local businesses.

By encouraging people to 'Shop Small', Small Business Saturday helps bring more holiday shopping to small businesses.

The campaign was launched in 2010 by American Express, a time when many small businesses in the United States were struggling as a result of the recession.

The Small Business Coalition was also formed this year, made up of non-profit trade groups, public officials and municipalities, designed to actively encourage consumers to shop small.

A year later, the small business movement had gained national support, with many businesses and organizations across the country acknowledging and promoting Small Business Saturday. The same year, the Senate passed a resolution in support of Small Business Saturday.

Support for the movement continues to grow and in 2013, more than 1,400 organizations and individuals had signed up as Neighborhood Champions, promoting and participating in community activities and events on Small Business Saturday.

By 2017, the number of Neighborhood Champions across the country had grown to over 7,200. The movement has been a resounding success. As American Express notes, since the initiative began, consumers in the U.S. have reported spending an estimated $85 billion at local, independent retailers and restaurants.

Consumers remain supportive of the campaign, with 90% of shoppers believing it has a positive impact on their community.

Small Business Saturday 2018 Local Events

On November 24, 2018, communities across the United States will be hosting events and activities in celebration of Small Business Saturday 2018.

One key event is taking place at the New York Chamber of Commerce. Hosted by Watkins Glen in the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center, the event will kick-off the Small Business Saturday 2018 party, with pop-up stores, crafts for kids, a story hour, a welcome station for shoppers, and much more.

Meanwhile, over in Santa Monica, the Montana Avenue Merchants Association, Buy Local Santa Monica and Santa Monica Travel and Tourism, are taking part in an event of fun and festivities to mark and celebrate Small Business Saturday 2018.

The event will see Montana Avenue lined with participating merchants offering special deals and promotions, as well surprises unveiled on the day.

On Small Business Saturday 2018, Neighborhood Champions in all 50 states will be taking to the streets, working tirelessly to unite shoppers and small businesses. These champions of small businesses will be handing out Shop Small tote bags, balloons, posters and more, to small businesses and shoppers to help raise awareness and support.

You can find out about Small Business Saturday 2018 local events taking place on the Small Business Saturday Facebook page @SmallBusinessSaturday.

Promote Your Own Business and the Small Business Movement

If you own a small business and would like to become involved in Small Business Saturday, you can download posters, email templates, social posts, and more, from the Shop Small Studio to show you are involved and promoting this small business movement.

Compliments of American Express, these downloadable materials, which include how-to videos, event planning advice and calendars, and everything you'll need to promote your business and spread the word, are all free from the Shop Small store.

Plan a Small Business Saturday 2018 Event

If you're a small business supporter keen to become involved in this national campaign, why not host your own local event? Whether it's a pop-up market, a food festival, or a kick-off breakfast, organizing a local event will help bring your community together and help connect customers with local business.

Use the American Express Event Flyer and Event Planning Checklist to help promote your Small Business Saturday event.

Or simply get out on November 24 and shop or eat out at a small local business. Invite friends and family to shop and dine with you, as when it comes to supporting small businesses – the more the merrier.

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