8 Beginner-Friendly Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today - Atlanta Small Business Network

8 Beginner-Friendly Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today - Atlanta Small Business Network

8 Beginner-Friendly Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today - Atlanta Small Business Network

Posted: 05 Jun 2019 03:00 AM PDT

Many people argue that starting an online business has never been easier. Certainly, access to affordable software and training means you can get started with a small budget. There is, however, plenty of competition, so you need to stand out to bring in any substantial revenue. Beginners who are serious about entering the world of entrepreneurship have plenty of options available to them. Trying to find the right business opportunity is one of the challenges you will face. So, what are the main business ideas that are suitable for beginners?

1. E-commerce

online businessWhile e-commerce businesses can be tricky to run, there are accessible ways for beginners to get started. Services like Shopify let you get started almost immediately, providing quality web designs and the necessary back-end operations. One of the hardest elements is sourcing products and dealing with fulfillment. However, there are apps that let you drop ship items without needing any warehouse facilities of your own.

2. Blogging

There is a high demand for quality content across all niches. If you can target a niche where you are not facing too much competition, your site can become an important resource. It is also possible to operate in more competitive niches, but you need to offer something different to make a mark. A blog can be used as a starting point for other businesses, with the opportunity to build an email list and promote products.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular way for beginners to get started with an online business. Affiliates can focus on driving traffic to an offer, avoiding product creation, fulfillment, and support. The best affiliates use pre-sell techniques to improve the conversion rate, often building email lists to promote multiple offers. You can, though, just focus on finding targeted traffic and earn a commission when a sale takes place.

4. Info Product Creation

Info products can be developed and then sold on an ongoing basis. The difficulty comes in the product creation phase, with fulfillment being easier than with physical products. Consumers expect the information you provide to be better than is available for free, so there is a level of expertise required. You could, though, outsource the creation phase, using experts to craft quality information into a desirable product.

5. Amazon Publishing

Amazon let you publish Kindle books directly on their platform. The main benefit of this is you can tap into the huge audience browsing Amazon on a daily basis. If you can promote your book well, it can quickly rise up the rankings and gain further exposure. While the prospect of writing an entire book may sound daunting to some, there is also the option to create shorter books for children, visual books, and journals.

6. Print on Demand

The growth of print on demand technology means you can easily create businesses based around designs. There are various apps able to print your designs onto T-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, mugs, and much more. They will then send the items to customers, removing a huge part of the process from your hands. If you don't have design skills, you can outsource the work for an affordable rate.

7. Facebook Groups

It is often assumed you need a website to build a business. While it might make sense to build a site, you can use a Facebook group as the central sales hub. Facebook has such a large audience that you can almost certainly find an audience in the niche of your choosing. You can then grow engagement levels by posting interesting content and initiating discussions on the main topics. Promoting products, either your own or as an affiliate can be the income generator for your business.

8. Influencer Marketing

online businessInfluencer marketing is one of the most effective promotional tools available. Influencers command interest and respect from followers, making them valuable to businesses. You could attempt to become an influencer, offering quality content around a specific niche. Alternatively, you could work within the industry, providing a bridge between the influencers and brands.

Choosing the right business to develop is an important decision. While you can always adapt if you find your idea is not suitable, you can lose valuable time and money in the process. Each of these ideas is suitable for beginners, with the potential to grow into a larger endeavor as you become more experienced. Online entrepreneurship offers a huge amount of potential, but make sure you develop your business idea first.

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Have a fresh business idea? Try it out at a local farmer's market - East Idaho News

Posted: 05 Jun 2019 03:07 PM PDT

Local Business

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Natalie Ah Quin sells soap at the Rexburg Farmer's Market. | Eric Grossarth, EastIdahoNews.com

REXBURG — Farmer's markets are now all over eastern Idaho. For some vendors, participation in a farmer's market leads to a small-business venture — even if involves something unusual, like worm poop.

Heather and Stan Shuldberg began selling worm castings and worm tea, a liquified version of the castings, three years ago. Stan had just had back and shoulder surgery and was unable to operate farm equipment. While out of commission, Stan began using worm castings to increase the nutritional value of their windrows.

Their windrows are piles of cow manure. The manure is placed in rows in unused corners of fields. It is then turned until it is dry and spread across the field to act as a natural fertilizer.

"My husband had some (windrows) tested and was told that there (is) no more nutritional value when it's been dried like that and all it is is matter," Heather said.

The worm castings help bring back some nutritional value to enhance the fertilizing effect of the windrows.

Since they started selling worm castings at the Rexburg Farmer's Market in 2016, Heather says their product has turned into a successful business venture. In addition to selling at local farmer's markets, the product is also sold at Town and Country Gardens in Idaho Falls.

"Right now we're on a low scale," Shuldberg said. "We're actually looking to become bigger than what we are now. We're in four states around us."

Jamie Ashcraft, Rexburg Farmer's Market board member, said it is a great way for vendors to try new products and business ideas.

"It's a good avenue to meet people and get your name out there," Ashcraft said. "It's kind of like a business incubator where you can test out a business and get a lot of good client feedback."

Natalie Ah Quin started making soaps five years ago. She said the hobby serves as her outlet. She decided to sell at the farmer's market this year under the name Mino'aka Creations. "Mino'aka" is the Hawaiian word for smile. Ah Quin's husband is Hawaiian, so she said the word means a lot to their family.

"It's just a word that is close to our heart because we love to smile," Ah Quin said. "I just love it. Soap makes me smile."

Ah Quin encourages up and coming business owners to get outside and sell their product at a farmer's market.

"Just do it," Ah Quin said. "Don't hesitate, just jump in full board. It's been an experience, but it's been awesome."

Ashcraft said shopping at the local farmer's market provides great support to the local economy and farmers.

"We have awesome farmers," Ashcraft said. "There are more than we ever had in the past. There are lots of good ways to get produce. It is usually picked that day. You're not going to get a lot of fresher opportunities."

Here is a list of markets in east Idaho:

  • The Idaho Falls Farmer's Market is on Saturdays until Oct. 26. The market is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Memorial Drive.
  • The Rigby Farmer's Market is on Wednesdays from June 12 to Aug. 21. The market's hours are from 4 to 8 p.m. at 3865 East 300 North on Highway 48.
  • The Rexburg Farmer's Market runs every Friday until Sept. 28 from 4 to 8 p.m. on College Avenue.
  • The Portneuf Valley Farmer's Market is every Saturday until Oct. 26 at North Union Pacific Avenue and West Fremont Street in Pocatello. The market is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

People gather on Fridays at the Rexburg Farmer's Market. | Eric Grossarth, EastIdahoNews.com


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