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small business ideas

small business ideas

2019 most successful business ideas list - South Florida Caribbean News

Posted: 01 Mar 2019 04:40 AM PST

Most of the people decide that only rich persons can start a successful business but this idea is not correct there are lots of people in the industry who have started their business alone only with the peanuts of money and now they are the leading top persons in the industry in their own style.

Starting a business is a good idea but you should have more ideas about it and also you should be aware of need of market value only then you can win in this competitive world, when you satisfy customer's needs in your product and if they are fully satisfied in it and you will the top position in the business. Think differently and smartly which will make you shine in the business industry. There are many businesses in that your implementation of ideas should be different.

So this is the right time to startup your business you can start your business alone in 2019 with full of dedication and enthusiasm first starting a business just you need to have business ideas for you, with this you can come up with rising stars in the world.

2019 most successful business ideas list

There are tons of ideas for small business, as per your skill you have to choose the best small business idea which will be helpful for your future.

Still if you need any suggestions you can also verify in the link  this will suggest you to bring up with new ideas.

Requirements needed to start a business

When you start thinking that you should start a new business you should have a clear answers for these questions initially you should be very clear in your interest in starting a business and after that you should collect the details and ideas about the need in the market and how can your product will satisfy the needs of the customer and is there demand in the market for your product. After that you should be very clear in your ideal client and you should clearly think about the work environment. These ideas will help you to grow in your business.

Main factor to set up business

Initially the main important factor to start a business is money without investment you can't start the business the investment may vary, but investment is important. Setting up business with good investment and bringing out with best idea is one of the very hardest situations nowadays. Many of the entrepreneurs they struggle in starting a business since they will have a good idea but they will feel risk in their investment, there are many problems which will be raised while starting a business for the first time and especially we want to start a business with right profitable one.

Best idea to start a business

If you need to start business the perfect best ideas which will support you are

  •   You should start something which you like the most.
  •   The business which you start it should have a clear cut idea about that and you should be very good at that.
  •    You should start a perfect business which is highly in demand.

If you follow these three ideas you will surely be the top most business people in the world.

Highly demanding market

There are some businesses there are highly demand in market. In the current scenario, the designers are grabbing the attention of people for their work. Now all type of designing field which is highly demand in market such as jewelry designing which is the best option fashion designing, interior designing is also one of the leading business. Also, Event planning is one of the very high booming industries today since many of the people they start planning their occasions such as wedding, parties, friend's birthday party etc… In a hall so for that they opt for an event planner who designs planning and organizing events the only main factor is you have to satisfy the customer needs.

Blogging sites of one of the leading business if you are passionate towards this field where you can express your contents and you can shine in this business when your blog brings with more traffic and there is a chance of making more money on you and your block will be more profitable one.

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Got A Business Idea? Come Join The Micro Business Community - Forbes

Posted: 25 Feb 2019 07:42 AM PST

Self-employment is now the fastest growing group in the UK. Photocredit: GettyGetty

The latest employment figures from the ONS (Office of National Statistics) clearly illustrate that even in the face of uncertainty thanks to Brexit, the UK remains a hotbed of entrepreneurialism. In the last quarter of 2018, 63,000 new businesses were created, which equates to 14.8% of all people in work.

IPSE's Economic Policy Adviser Ryan Barnett commented: "It's excellent to see the rise in self-employment revealed in the data from the ONS. When the government celebrates the strength of the labour market, it must remember that a major part of that is down to the UK's burgeoning self-employed sector. As of the end of 2018, there were 4.84 million self-employed people in the country. That's almost 15% of the workforce – nearly as much as the entire public sector.

"In a time of gloomy economic forecasts and poor GDP growth, the strength of our labour market and especially our self-employed sector is welcome good news. In such times, however, the government and policymakers must give the self-employed sector the attention – and protection – it deserves.

"With Brexit uncertainty shaking the world of business, the government should look to and protect its most productive and dynamic sectors – like the self-employed. Right now, freelancers and the self-employed urgently need clarity from government on Brexit: not only taking a 'no-deal' off the table but also making sure we have financial services and an immigration system that works for business."

Try out your ideas

With a background of vibrant micro businesses, there has never been a better time to dust of any ideas you have for a new enterprise and give it a go. Brexit worries notwithstanding, there is plenty of support to help you make your business idea a reality.

The micro business community is all about starting small with the resources you have available. Perhaps beginning with a side hustle to test your idea is a better way forward than diving head first into full-time business ownership. There is a business format suited to your idea and your personal circumstances.

"Your destiny is in your own hands. As an employee, your job and your salary is intrinsically linked to the success of your employer, so even if you work really hard, you won't get the exact dividend at the end, as you're just doing your job," Emma Heathcote-James founded the Little Soap Company told the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

Taking more control of your life has always been one of the most important drivers behind the myriad of micro businesses that now exist. Sometimes self-employment can be forced onto you with redundancy. There will always be an element of this across the small business community. However, increasingly it's a conscious choice to change your life that motivates many to become their own boss, or at least, dip a toe in the choppy waters of running a small business.

Creating portfolio careers is also an avenue many people are exploring as the traditional employer/employee relationship continues to morph into something new. Many point to the gig economy as either the end of workers rights hard fought by unions across the world or a disrupter across the globe's working populations. Research from BCG makes for interesting reading as they concluded:

"While the gig economy is often described as a large and rapidly growing global phenomenon, it remains relatively small by some important measures. Our research shows that workers' use of labour-sharing platforms as their primary source of income is still relatively modest, particularly in mature markets. In the US, Germany, Sweden, the UK, and Spain, just 1% to 4% of workers cited gig platforms as their primary work source. The share of primary-income gig workers has remained stable across most of Europe for half a decade, according to a 2016 report by the OECD's Institute of Labour."

Developing a new approach to the income you want and the work/life balance that is important to you, will require in some cases, a radical shift in what work means. Understanding what you need work to be from a financial standpoint and then from a social and community perspective will define how self-employment, the gig economy, side hustles or part-time employment can help you attain those goals.

Ultimately, you are in control. The time is right to test that business idea. Make the move into more flexible working. Embrace a better work/life balance and set yourself on a new course. I've just past my 25th anniversary as a freelance writer and journalist. I've watched how self-employment has moved from a dirty word to something that is now an aspiration for many. Come and join our community. You could just transform your life.

Four Clever Ways To Discover Disruptive Business Ideas - Forbes

Posted: 01 Mar 2019 07:20 AM PST

The most successful brands and products aren't often the copycats. They're the originals that bring something new to the market. Here's how to discover those disruptive ideas.ISM | Justin Kwong

The most successful brands and products aren't often the copycats. They're the originals that bring something new to the market. Even if your idea isn't a completely unique, never-before-heard-of concept, there's no denying that if you want to make an impact and grow a sizable business along the way, you need to be disruptive.

The importance of this concept really hit home during an interview I recently had with Justin Kwong, founder of ISM, a maker of high-quality bags, backpacks and other lifestyle goods here in San Francisco. Kwong's disruptive approach to creating stylish men's backpacks and other products helped his company go from prototyping to a $1 million run rate in less than a year.

Pulling from lessons learned along the way, here's how you can discover your own disruptive niche business ideas that'll help you find similar levels of success.

1. Focus On Solving Your Own Problems

I've long written about the importance of using your own experiences to find the right business ideas before, and Kwong serves as another great example of how important this concept is when looking for disruptive product ideas.

For Kwong, his initial idea for an entrepreneur-friendly bag, "Stemmed from a problem and an opportunity I saw while I was working as a freelancer. I really saw this need for a backpack I could carry around with me, that would look professional enough for a client meeting, and could also carry my laptop without being a hassle."

What was the niche problem Kwong identified?

He couldn't find fashionable bags that also had functional laptop compartments and came at a halfway reasonable price here in the United States. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this led Kwong to think, "Maybe there's an opportunity here to create a really high-quality bag that looks great, is stylish to other young professionals, and still functional because it's going to serve as a work bag rather than a fashion bag."

2. Identify Competitor Weaknesses

For Kwong, a major opportunity that he discovered when initially conducting research for his product was the price point—his closest competitors were typically selling their products for several hundreds of dollars. They were the types of products that a well-established, middle-aged businessperson might use during their travels, but not something the average young professional would be able to splurge on.

Business bags aren't a new concept, nor is the idea of offering stylish backpacks. But what Kwong identified was the fact that nobody else in his niche was selling bags that combined style, functionality and affordability. Thus, he had the perfect opportunity to offer a new, disruptive product that met a previously unfulfilled need.

The same concept is just as applicable in other industries, too.

Take some time to research other brands in your niche—both the major market leaders and the smaller, newer brands. As you evaluate their products and services, you'll likely be able to identify gaps where they don't quite meet what a segment of their target audience is actually looking for. Positioning your brand as one that can deliver where others fall short, could prove to be key in disrupting your niche.

3. Look For 'Third Places'

Wondering where to find new customers so you can gather novel insights about how to disrupt your industry? Start by examining the "third places" where your customers congregate those locations where they choose to spend their time outside of home, work or school.

To learn more about this concept, I reached out to Esther Crawford, CEO of Squad, a disruptive mobile app that allows users to screen share from their smartphone with friends.

"You have to be mindful of where your audience is spending its time and what they're doing when they get there," Crawford explains."Teens today spend much of their free hangout time in digital spaces rather than physical places. Apps are to Gen Z what the mall was to Gen X—they're places to have shared experiences with friends."

"Entrepreneurs need to actively look for ways to become integrated into these new third places so they can better understand their consumers and make a stronger impression," Crawford adds.

If you already have an idea of who you wish to target for a new business idea, try learning more about how they spend their free time first. This could open up new approaches to how you can further differentiate your product and get an edge over existing players in the market.

4. Be Willing To Iterate

"You don't need to have a perfect product from day one or day ten. Make something and get it out there, then make the second version a little bit better, and the third version a bit better than the previous one," Kwong advises, noting that this is just as applicable when you're creating a physical product, as it is to building a digital product business.

While you obviously shouldn't rush a low-quality product to market, you also can't afford to wait around and tinker with it until you achieve perfection. You don't know how long your window of opportunity will last, so timing is always of the essence—even if you're starting your business on the side of your day job.

"The longer you wait, the more likely it is that other entrepreneurs are going to recognize the same issues you did and try to take action themselves," Crawford adds. "Even if you came up with the idea first, if you let others beat you to market, you'll be viewed as a copycat. Use customer feedback from your initial launch to fine-tune and reiterate things so you can maintain your position when other brands arrive in your space."

If we've learned anything in today's age with companies like Uber, Tesla and Airbnb, it's that long-established industry norms don't need to stay entrenched forever.

As you think outside the box and look for niche business ideas that others aren't yet addressing, you'll be better positioned to introduce the products and services your target audience is searching for. Disruption is possible in practically every industry.

When you're the one leading the charge, you'll be well on your way to entrepreneurial success.

Small Business Development Center opens drop-in lab - Tillamook Headlight-Herald

Posted: 02 Mar 2019 12:00 AM PST

The Tillamook Small Business Development Center team has added a new service for businesses in Tillamook County.

Many small business owners reportedly said they wanted to have times they could drop in without an appointment to meet for a few minutes with a business advisor. To accommodate client needs, the Small Business Development Center has established a business lab with drop-in times.

You can now stop by PRI #114 without an appointment on Wednesday's between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. On the fourth Wednesday each month, assistance will be available in the evening from 5 – 8 p.m. On the first Saturday each month, the lab will be open from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

"We hope our Tillamook County businesses will visit us during these drop in hours to get business advice or just chat with an advisor or other business owners," a statement from the Center said. "This is a pilot project we will run through June 2019 to see if our business owners use it."

Tillamook County has a new Economic Development Council Director, Terre Cooper. She took the helm as Director of the Economic Development Council of Tillamook County in January 2019, continuing her career in Oregon and bringing with her years of experience as an economic development professional. She has a Master's of Business Administration from Eastern Oregon University.

Cooper has been involved in economic development efforts in Oregon having worked with the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, working in business development, marketing and grant management. The City of Hillsboro working with existing Hillsboro businesses to grow and expand while cultivating relationships between the area businesses, economic development agencies and state and federal agencies.

At the Economic Development Council of Tillamook County, Cooper will focus on helping companies to grow and expand their workforce, bring new businesses to the community as well as working on area impediments to growth such as housing and workforce issues.

Free, confidential one-on-one business advising times are available in Tillamook County by appointment. Call 503-842-8222 x 1420 to schedule a time to meet.

Terre Cooper can be reached at (503) 842-8222 x2500 or

For more information about training programs see the list of upcoming events below or contact the Tillamook SBDC at 503-842-8222 x1420 or

To register visit or on Facebook at

Upcoming workshops offered by the SBDC:

3/8/19 Friday 4 - 6 p.m. Ready, Set, Start Your Business at TBCC PRI building room 114. The cost of this workshop is $20.

If you are thinking of starting a business, this is a great place to begin! Learn how to evaluate your business idea and business planning basics. What are the different forms of ownership you need to consider? Why do businesses succeed? Why do businesses fail? This course is helpful for anyone who wants to start and sustain a successful small business.

3/18/19 – 5/20/19 Monday 9 a.m. – noon Solo Business Builders at TBCC PRI building room 114. The cost of this program is $285.

Looking to start a retirement business? Have a business working from home with no employees? As a solopreneur you started a business to do what you love and make some money but sometimes you can get bogged down in running your business. This 10-session course is designed to help you find resources and share ideas for business success. Join other solopreneurs to learn strategies to operate your business in ways to avoid burnout.

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