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small business ideas from home

small business ideas from home

Most successful small business ideas in Nigeria to try in 2019 -

Posted: 17 Feb 2019 12:00 AM PST

Many people want to start profitable businesses, and usually, people start small before developing into something great. If you consider starting a business and maintaining it, then you have a great chance to make good money out of it. In this article, we will list the most successful small business ideas which will help you to decide what you want to do, and how to do it most effectively. Follow our pieces of advice and become wealthy in no time!

Most successful small business ideas in Nigeria to try in 2019

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Perhaps you are searching for the opportunities to invest your money into, but since you have a limited amount of money, you want the success to be guaranteed? Maybe you want to find small business ideas in Nigeria, which will grow fast? We assure you that this article is specifically for you and other people who are looking for the most creative small business ideas.

The best business to start with little money

A lot of potential Nigerian entrepreneurs want to start a business in their own country and search for the most successful small business ideas in Nigeria. There are, in fact, more lucrative business ideas than you can imagine. Sometimes, you should put some effort into searching and dig deeper to find a niche that will satisfy you.

Most successful small business ideas

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Here are some examples of new business ideas that you can start with average capital and make a profit! Learn what is the best business to start with little money, and try your hand at one of these.

1. Livestock farming

One of the fast business opportunities in Nigeria is livestock farming. This industry is continuously emerging and is yet to discover its fullest potential.

This business can be started even in your backyard, provided that you know how to operate the equipment and take care of your livestock. For this business, you will need patience, knowledge, and experience. Some of the niche areas that you can venture into are catfish farming, poultry farming, cattle grazing, goat rearing, snail farming, and many others.

Most successful small business ideas - Livestock farming

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2. Exportation agricultural products

Nigeria is a country which is full of various natural resources and quality food. You can start your own exportation business, if you register with the Export Promotion Council of Nigeria, and decide which specific product would be best for exporting. Some of the products that are in high demand abroad are cassava flakes, cocoa, yam flour, groundnut, chili pepper, cashew nuts, mango, and many others.

If you for some reason do not want to get involved into exporting the agro-production abroad or have no capital for this, you can stay at the local level and sell your products on the territory of Nigeria. You can earn a good profit by buying and reselling palm oil.

3. Mining

Nigeria is a very vibrant country when it comes to mineral resources. Some of the minerals that our country is especially rich in are coal, iron ore, limestone, bitumen, and others. The mining sector is growing in Nigeria. The government also supports the mining industry. So, if you have a good, trustworthy team, as well as the financial capabilities, you could try your luck in this sector.

4. Private refinery business

The oil and gas sector is extremely prominent these days. All the most successful business people are involved in this sector and are making huge money off it. For instance, the wealthiest person in Africa, Aliko Dangote, is the oil and gas billionaire, and he raised $9 billion after setting up his refinery.

You could build a private refinery of your own; it is another business which is supported by the government and some of its decisions, including the fuel subsidy removal. If the refinery does not work for you, then perhaps you could invest in oil and gas business a different way – for example, start a filling station or kerosene depot. Or you could found a cooking gas retailing company. There are plenty of possibilities for you to start small and then develop your business in the oil and gas sector.

5. Uniform sewing

If your hobby is sewing clothes, and you would not mind doing it for a living, then you should probably choose this business. There are plenty of schools in every state, and they all need uniforms for their students. Besides, there are also a lot of corporate organizations, whose employees also wear uniforms – for example, the security staff. And it is not all – the multiple military organizations require wearing uniforms, and since they have a lot of people involved in their activity, they always need new ones.

So, you can step up as someone who will sew the uniforms for people and organizations who need them. You can promote yourself as a supplier of uniforms, and make good money from this business.

Most successful small business ideas to try in 2019

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6. A writing company

Excellent writing is valued nowadays, and you can make some money if you take up freelance writing. At first, you will not even need the starting capital to begin your journey – the only things you will need are the skill and desire.

You can search for the orders online, or write for a company which will want your texts. The benefits of this job are countless, and the main one is: you will not have to go to the office or perform some hard work – it can be done at home from your laptop with a cup of coffee.

Later, when your business grows, you can hire other writers and start your little company. Writing content, especially of high quality, is in very high demand nowadays, and it is usually difficult to find the writers who will sacrifice themselves to this job. So, if you have a good skill and a way with words, this is a business for you.

7. Call center agency

Call center business is very popular, because there are lots of people who need guidance, advice, or want to complain about services. Therefore, you can set up a call center agency, where you can work for large companies according to contracts.

This business will also not require substantial start-up capital unless you would like to hire more workers, which can be done later when you grow a little.

8. Recruitment agency

Nigeria suffers from the problem of unemployment, and there are many people in desperate search for jobs. You can become a recruitment agent, which will connect people to the jobs of their dreams. All you need to do is to cooperate with different companies and recruit people for them.

Your recruitment agency can grow and expand with time, as you make more and more profit. To succeed, you need to be good at finding the right people for specific jobs.

9. Importation of clothes

If you think about the basic needs of every person, clothing is undoubtedly one of them, because we wear them every day and are always in need of new ones. Many people not just wear clothes, but also like purchasing some cute accessories for them. There is still a market for clothes, especially when they are trendy and at the same time not very expensive. You can set up the business of selling clothes to the clients.

Importing your clothing can be done from such countries as China, India, France, Italy, and many others. There is a trend of buying recycled clothes in Nigeria due to the tough economy, so you should keep this in mind while doing this business.

10. Daycare center

The majority of families have children, but they also need to work hard to earn enough income to cover their expenses. Therefore, not every parent can allow themselves to spend time with their child. There are quite a lot of daycare centers, but not all of them are competent. So, if you love children and are sure that you can care for them, you should consider setting up a daycare center.

For starting a successful business, the environment has to be suitable for children so that parents would trust you with their kids. If you are creative in your approach to the youngsters and can create a good atmosphere for them, then you have a chance to make good money from this entrepreneurship. Except that, it is possible to start it from home, as long as you think that your home would be a good starting place for the daycare center.

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Most successful small business ideas - Daycare center

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11. Training center

Are you skilled in a particular field, and feel like you could help other people to develop their skills? Then the training center business can become a niche that will bring you good money. This business can be profitable nowadays because it is always in high demand among the clients. For instance, millions of Nigerians every year pass different tests and examinations, and they need someone to help them out with preparation, so they search for various training to get ready for their exams. If you are skilled in a particular subject, for example, Math, you can become a tutor for people who have trouble with the subject.

These are not the only ways to make money off being a trainer. You can teach people who want to develop their professional skills for corporate reasons, or just for themselves.

For example, many people these days want to learn how to use various computer programs. So, if you know something about Photoshop or computer programming, you can use this knowledge to start your course. It might be a little tricky to advertise yourself, but if you are a good specialist, then people will come again and again. Perhaps, when your center is a little more developed, you can hire other people who can provide additional training services to the students.

12. Waste management

It is another niche which can become profitable, and it has a significant potential for the future. It can eventually become profitable because many Nigerians are still unaware of the proper waste disposal ways, but there are some states in the country, like Lagos, which are actively encouraging the waste management among people.

There are a few stable businesses that can be started in this niche, and the examples of such companies are waste disposal, waste recycling, organic fertilizer production, junk hauling, and some others. Perhaps, this can bring you some future profit if you join this branch.

Most successful small business ideas - Waste management

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13. Food processing industry

What will you have to do in this industry? It is quite simple – you will only need to collect the raw materials that food is made of, and then turn those materials into the finished product. There are plenty of businesses which you can connect your professional life with. In particular, these businesses are: frozen food production (which is very profitable nowadays, as many people who have no time to cook for themselves like buying the frozen food), vegetable oil production, oil palm processing, yogurt production, tomato puree production, garri processing, rice milling, fruit juice production, and many others that you could turn your attention to.

14. Alternative power installation

It is a very relevant topic nowadays, as Nigeria is fighting the power supply issues. The world these days goes green, and in our country, the government already took steps to improve the power sector. However, there is a growing demand for the power generators of alternative type, in particular, solar energy, inverters, and windmills.

So, you could attempt making money by the importation and retaliation of these materials, or another way for you would be focusing solely on the alternative power installation.

15. Farming

What if you have had a desire for setting up a little farm of your own for your entire life? Well, now your wish can not only come true, but you can also make some money off it because these days farmers are quite lucky when it comes to cash.

The most important step when it comes to this business would be acquiring a good piece of a farm, and then you can start planting certain crops on it. We already have talked about the livestock farming business, but if you feel like you would instead take care of crops than livestock, then you should consider this option.

There is a considerable amount of cash crops, which can be planted and nurtured, and every year you will be provided with a steady income from them. Some of the examples of the cash crops you could plant are kola nut, cocoa, oil palm, plantain, yam, cassava, orange, and many others. You could do research on which ones are the most profitable nowadays.

Most successful small business ideas - Farming in Nigeria

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16. Bottled water production

People drink water daily because staying hydrated is essential for everyone's health. Besides, pure water is needed these days, and you can become one of those people who produce it and supply those who need constant hydration. If you produce clean and cooling water, then there is a significant chance for the customers to purchase it in large amounts. Besides, because of the latest policies, it is essential to establish your brand on the market as soon as possible, so if your heart desires to be involved in this business, then you should start now.

17. Dry cleaning business

This business is one of the fastest-growing in Nigeria, and many people have already done wonders in it, because of the high demand. The primary reasons why it is such a lucrative business is that not all people have time to wash clothes – they are too absorbed into work and other responsibilities, so they trust the dry cleaning services with washing their clothes. That is why you might want to start this business and help people to clean their laundry, in exchange for money. You will need to set up some equipment and get to work.

18. Recharge card business

Lately, this business has been a breakthrough business in Nigeria, because so many people are frequently calling someone on the phone, and for the most effective experience, they need to recharge their phone frequently.

There is no person in Nigeria who does not have a phone and never makes calls. These are the main causes of such great popularity of recharge card business. You can start printing them out even from home, as well as you negotiate with the sellers, get some equipment and install the needed program. You will have to read about how this business works, but we assure you that there is nothing complicated.

19. Restaurant business

There are plenty of eateries, but it does not mean you can not start your own restaurant. People usually go to restaurants which are not too expensive and provide high-quality food service. These days, many people are too busy to eat at home and cook for themselves, so they very often visit eateries. This especially applies to the students and workers, which is why setting up your restaurant in the studying or business area would be a great idea.

This business requires some starting capital, but usually, the eateries which provide excellent service and have their special charm attract a pretty good audience and therefore make a lot of money. The professional stuff needs to be hired as well. The restaurant seems to be a tricky business, but for people who have experience and knowledge in the area, there is truly nothing impossible.

20. Bakery business

If you would like to start your little bakery, then it is not necessary for you to be a fantastic cook, but having some knowledge of it would be beneficial. The most significant point is finding the place for your bakery because you will need it to attract customers and be noticeable.

At first, your business can start small, but it can become bigger when it is profitable enough, and you can hire some staff. Also, remember that the most successful bakeries have some twist, like the product that only they have a recipe for, and no one else does. Be creative when you start the bakery business, and one day you will gather the crops in the form of the cash.

Business planning

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These were the twenty most exciting small business ideas in Nigeria, which you can try this year! You can read about many more ideas in our related articles which follow a similar topic.

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75 small business ideas in South Africa that actually work -

Posted: 14 Feb 2019 03:54 PM PST

People no longer want to retire at 60 and after that spend the rest of their lives counting on their failures and lost opportunities, solely depending on pensions. For this reason, several people are now interested in activities that directly feed the passions that make life worthwhile. While the career market remains a conventional way of earning a living in the 21st century, it is proving ineffective for some constraints that override its convenience. Are you one of the persons considering a venture instead of a full-time job? What are some of the most lucrative small business ideas in South Africa? Read on!

75 small business ideas in South Africa that actually work

Source: UGC

We live in an incredible era mushrooming with business opportunities that require minimal investment. Most of these businesses are not only cheap to start but will let you work from the comfort of your home. So, what are the most successful small business ideas? South Africa is now ripe for cutting edge investments at low startup costs. Most interesting is that some businesses will only require a set of vocational skills and an internet connection. Let us now concentrate on some of the highest paying small business opportunities that you can start right away and achieve your lifelong dreams.

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75 best small business ideas in South Africa 2019

What are the best business ideas? It is challenging to settle down on the most profitable business opportunity when there are thousands of suitable alternatives. As such, the list of small businesses in South Africa provided below should help you make an informed decision in your entrepreneurial prospects.

1. Virtual or personal assistant

Providing professional assistant services both online and offline is a well-paying business opportunity for an individual with unique skills in particular areas of interest. However, less prevalent in the country, these jobs attract high paying clients ranging from small business to corporates. Unlike their counterparts, virtual assistants enjoy much freedom in getting to decide on factors such as clients, working hours, and hourly pay rates. Start the venture by setting up your online profile and search for potential clients through common services such as

2. Hairdressing services

With a salon or hair cutting experience, you can launch this business opportunity for a financial breakthrough. Consult with the local authority for state requirement compliance. You can as well establish yourself as a makeup artist or even start a massage parlor. If you cannot afford to rent a place, you can be mobile in providing these services.

3. Interior designer

The desire for comfort and luxury drives homeowners and business merchants to decorate their homes such as to share their vision statement. Start by finding out what clients want and compare it with what you can afford to offer based on your skills and financial ability. You should be passionate and well versed in this line of business.

4. Electronics repair services

Repairing electronics is a well-paying service that feeds several South Africans. The business is rapidly becoming necessary as technology continues to expand in computing, phone, camera, television, and speakers among other electronics.

5. Social media consultancy

Social media is not only changing the way we interact but conduct commercial activities as well. Almost every South African is an active user of prominent social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp among others. You can take advantage of the ever-growing online community by establishing your brand as a social media influencer. If you do not have the right skills to start this venture, you can look out and complete professional courses offered by Google and other affiliates concerning the niche. The possibility of this business opportunity is limitless and will undoubtedly earn you highly. There are social media management tools already available in the market to make your work accessible and more comfortable.

6. Tutoring services

Tutoring services for both children and adults are always on demand. There are many clients in South Africa looking to study the second language or need experts in a particular subject of study. Tutoring is convenient because you can do it at people's homes and any other convenient setup for that matter at a reasonable fee.

7. Grocery delivery services

The service is high on demand by individual customers and big supermarkets. It is an interesting business to pick up since some people are too busy to run all the errands, and such will become some of your happiest customers. Even more interesting, you can couple the business with other well-paying opportunities in the delivery line.

8. Gardening and lawn care

Both gardening and lawn mowing are highly rewarding businesses which run throughout the year, earning you good returns. Besides, you can carry out concurrent business in herb farming, raking, and snow removal when lawn mowing or gardening are not at their peak. The business is highly dynamic and suitable for both rural and urban setups, only taking up little space.

9. Developing chatbots

It is interesting how much technology has influenced modern day commercial activities. Let us check the facts; a decade ago businesses needed websites following which the need for portable phone apps took over. Apparently, every company needs a way to engage live customers through instant messaging platforms. If you own relevant skills in AI and chatbots, why not sell your skills for lucrative pay? You can also learn to utilize free design tools to harness the opportunity while it is still ripe.

10. Marketing services

With some skills and knowledge in marketing, you can start a well-paying business. The high entrepreneurial competition calls for intricate marketing skills to stand out in the market. If you feel you are eligible to help organizations market their services and products, then hit the road with a digital marketing agency. Besides influencer marketing, there are boundless opportunities you can start with as you build your brand. If you are skilled in search engine optimization, then this is a business niche for you.

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11. Affiliate marketing

This business is not only easy to start but also easy to run. Affiliate marketing entails promoting company services and products at a commission. Start by selecting a product which you like and then start pushing it for a profit. It is arguably more accessible to start an affiliate marketing business if you have a website. Have a means of proving your success through statistics if you can persuade potential clients to use your service.

12. Become an assistant or seller at eBay

Unlike affiliate marketing, eBay sellers promote and sell products to clients. You can opt to sell for self or on behalf of others at a commission. It is worth noting that the jobs come with risks, but it is well paying if you can pick the right distributors and secure your banking details while online.

13. Graphic designer

75 small business ideas in South Africa that actually work

Source: UGC

Technology is taking over the world with high paying jobs like graphic design. Companies are interested in branding, making the service on demand. People skilled in applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator can conveniently start a business as graphic designers. Besides branding, you will design logos, information sheets, letters, advertisements, newsletters, and magazines.

14. Tax consultant

Strategize yourself as a tax consultant and attract good pay to companies that want their taxes prepared and filled. Such is a necessity to enable companies to shift their attention to routine operations. The business requires relevant training and expert skills in the accountancy and taxation field.

15. Blogger or vlogger

Blogging and vlogging alike require people with expert knowledge in a particular field. While it is fun to share what you understand better, you will be attracting some good pay. Grab a high-resolution camera and start a vlog where you will share information in the form of videos. With a blog, you only need to set up your blogging site and prepare engaging content.

16. Editorial services

You can start an editorial business right away at no cost and turn it to a lucrative business in the short run. Some of the services that sell well in this business include ghostwriting, indexing, proofreading, magazine article writing, and copywriting among others.

17. Meal planning

Several people are looking for meal preparation experts who have insights on a balanced diet and confidence in the kitchen. This is one of the food business ideas in South Africa that requires you to possess skills in coming up with ingredients, creating recipes, elaborate the nutritional value of servings, and stay within a prescribed budget.

18. Online photo selling

75 small business ideas in South Africa that actually work

Source: UGC

The niche is highly suitable for professional photographers with a limitless passion for quality pictures and videos. With a camera and a computer, you can launch this ever on-demand business opportunity. Take several high-quality photos and place them on sale for potential clients to buy them.

19. Translator

If you are proficient in specific on-demand languages, then this is a business opportunity for you. Interestingly, you do not need any form of investment to begin this business but stand a chance to earn huge returns of about $40,000 annually. Most clients prefer to contract translators for agreeable courses.

20. Survey taking

Surveys are a good alternative for a steady income stream, especially when signed with multiple employer sites. Most of these surveys will take a minimum of your time and come with good returns. Some of the prominent survey job sites include MySurveys, Global Test Market, InboxDollars, Harris Poll, and EarningStation.

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21. Direct sales representative

The traditional door to door sales however less prevalent in these days is a well-paying job. Identify a successful brand and become a sales representative. Working for leading companies such as Mary Kay, Tupperware, and Avon will not only earn you good returns but also expose you to the business world.

22. Currency trading

It is now manageable to become a currency trader compared to the recent past when it was reserved for tycoons. With several guide materials such as magazines and tutorials, the business could turn out to become your thing. Master basic analytic skills and technical skills before venturing into currency trading business. All you need is a phone, computer, or tablet.

23. Plan projects and events at a fee

Events and project planning requires a hands-on approach and can be executed remotely. The business falls in work from home category. It is, however, necessary to engage your clients at an individual level at hotels, their offices, homes, and even cafes.

24. Computer trainer

Several seniors are developing interests in acquiring technological skills which were hardly accessible in the past. Young people also provide a broad market for upcoming technologies, which are showing no signs of stopping, but rather becoming the tradition. You can train your clients on how to use their windows or mac computers among other applications. You can as well specialize in simple computing applications such as emailing and internet.

25. Become a property manager

Help your clients manage their properties and make sure they are running smoothly at a fee. Present your contacts as a primary communication channel for clients to access different services. By maintaining the properties well and responsibly, you will attract even more clients to your venture.

26. Courier services

The demand for courier services is at its peak given that more and more people relocate to urban setups. Establish your business and provide pickup and drop services to interested clients. Set a reasonable fee to attract more clients to your business.

27. Life coaching

With a proven track of the record, you can show your success by training others for a living. People aspiring to travel in your path will be more than willing to hear concerning your experiences, successes, and failures as a lesson for them. You can as well offer coaching and mentoring services to people interested in mastering specific mental and emotional skills.

28. Laundry services

75 small business ideas in South Africa that actually work

Source: UGC

This is one way through which you can make fast money in South Africa. In starting the business, you do not need to learn additional skills except for a few requirements. Depending on your financial capability, you can set up a laundry shop or carry out the business on a domestic basis. The returns vary considerably based on your location and population.

29. Caregiving services

Caregiving services guarantee good returns both in the short run and the long term. Start by pursuing professional training and other certification programs. The fees are often negotiable and based on the level of operation. Caregiving is easy to start and sustain as long as you have a passion for the niche.

30. Babysitting services

This business is as old as childbearing, making it a profitable and sustainable business for passionate business persons. Hit the road and make money through babysitting. Seeking advice from experienced persons will help you be an excellent baby sitter. Similarly, you can work as a nanny or tutor depending on the level of your skills.

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31. Childproofing services

Most traditional living areas in South Africa are more hazardous for growing children. If you are trained in childproofing, take your best foot affront for some returns. The business is more paying to the service providers with proper certification.

32. Taxi or personal driver services

If you have a good driving record, then hit the road and become a personal or taxi driver. Both men and women can take advantage of this business opportunity which is slowly becoming institutionalized. Join Uber or hire out your car and driving services to earn good returns.

33. Bicycle repair

75 small business ideas in South Africa that actually work

Source: UGC

Several university and high school students find it convenient to use bicycles when commuting to school. Every so often, bicycle consumers among them professional cyclists require bicycle repair services, making it a good business to invest in.

34. Daycare services

Most parents are now becoming busier, focusing on their careers, and thus making it harder for them to attend to their children fully. Opening a daycare in your neighborhood or a town set-up will attract several children whose parents are willing to pay for care-giving services.

35. Bridal concierge

Weddings and associated planning are tedious and often beyond the ability of both the bride and groom. If you have excellent organizational skills, you can tap into this field and build a strong portfolio in this high paying business opportunity.

36. Tour guide

You can convert your knowledge concerning a tourist attraction phenomenon or site by becoming a tour guide. You can charge people for tours in your neighborhood where you have enriched historical and background information.

37. Makeup artist

75 small business ideas in South Africa that actually work

Source: UGC

Charge people for perfecting their appearances and looks. You may receive well-paying clients including public figures and other invitations. The business requires relevant certifications, so get trained and offer this service professionally to make an earning out of it.

38. Digital media conversion

As technology unleashes new features and gadgets, it is time you recycle those old CDs and DVDs to save critical data. Find clients and help them transfer information contained in these mediums to computing devices for easier retrieval.

39. Packing services

People are always on the move, making professional packing a good business as you help them pack their belongings safely. Help the relocating tenants save time while moving to their new houses and homes. The business is now on demand and will pick up faster than you may think.

40. Dog trainer, groomer, and walker

Dogs are the most common pets, making it a profitable venture to specialize in their care. Besides dog walking and training, you can provide dog sitting services to help busy clients manage their pets without stress.

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41. Become a personal chef

Some people have money but do not have enough time to attend to their kitchen chores, which may include but not limited to cooking, vegan dishes, and diet meals for patient cases. You can earn a living by attending to the personal chef opportunity.

42. Massage therapist

75 small business ideas in South Africa that actually work

Source: UGC

Seek for licensing to become a massage therapist. While passionate people succeed the most, anyone can master the business with some training and experience. Acquire the necessary massage products before you can attract your first client.

43. Home inspector

Become a home inspector and earn money. Besides looking around people's homes, you will enhance networking and uphold positive relationships for success at your work. Many large homes and estate setups often require home inspectors.

44. Professional photography

Besides selling photos online, you can practice your professional photography skills at family events or even weddings for a pay. Set up and reasonable fee, advertise your services and deliver projects within the deadline to attract more clients for a higher wage.

45. Referral services

People are always interested in accessing good services from plumbers, lawyers, good restaurants, and tourist sites. By positioning yourself as an expert with all the necessary information, many people will happily pay to receive your services.

46. Telemarketing services

small business ideas in South Africa

Source: UGC

Several companies are speedily outsourcing their services in telemarketing. Position yourself as a work from home freelance marketer. Set up customer appointments and develop warm company leads for commercial returns.

47. Online custom tailoring

People are increasingly becoming aware of their looks and the quality of fabrics. Brand yourself as a custom tailor with skills in making simple clothes. Custom clothing industry will sell given the diversity of attired demand based on size, patterns, colors, design, and more.

48. Travel planning

There are several booking platforms available over the web in South Africa. In the current standing, people can flexibly book reservations right from their homes. Unfortunately, very few businesses offer services to help clients make the best choice. Why not try the idea?

49. Call center representative

Call center representatives are on demand in most industries that value customer relations. With a working phone line and computer, you can start the business. The business is cost friendly and time-saving.

50. Sustainability consultant

Green technology is pushing many businesses into safer and more secure practices. As a consultant, you will advise such companies on effective, friendly alternatives in their operations at a fee.

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51. Become a video producer

Videography is useful in developing a work from home career. You can help people gain popularity as YouTube celebrities by providing them and uploading quality videos. Besides well-edited videos, you can specialize in adverts and Vlog editing.

52. E-commerce store

With a great product, you do not have to worry about a physical outlet space. It is now possible to sell your product online where marketing opportunities and tools are endless. Establish an e-commerce store and then strategize to become a leading seller.

53. Financial advisor

75 small business ideas in South Africa that actually work

Source: UGC

Financial organization and management are vital for people aspiring to start and advance their businesses. With a certified financial planner certificate, you will attract more clients and increase your earning potential.

54. Website flipping

Website flipping entails the art of acquiring poorly developed sites, improving them through the development and selling them at a higher cost. The business is highly affordable for people talented with a combination of coding and bargaining skills.

55. Resume writer

Not many people enjoy coming up with their resume. Use your skills to brand yourself as a resume writer for an additional stream of income. Come up with reasonable pay rates to help maintain your clients for higher returns.

56. Informational product creator

Place your expertise skills and knowledge in the digital format and sell it to the world. Create an e-book and other related informal content to start attracting your very first earnings. Alternatively, you can write content and sell it on popular sites such as Amazon.

57. Writing business plans

Most small businesses experience difficulties in coming up with business plans. Even more challenging is that the program must compel potential investors to consider partnering with the company of interest. With the necessary skills at hand, your potential clients will give anything to see you create them a winning plan.

58. Internet security consultant

Are you a computer wizard with a specialty in security patches? Partner with different organizations offering consultation services and help them secure sensitive client information from potential hackers, viruses, and scammers.

59. Online dating consultant

Finding a date has become easier but finding the right partner is more challenging than ever before. Position yourself as a marriage and dating consultant and provide helpful tips for people prospecting to find suitable partners for themselves. You can help people update their profiles and matching status.

60. Secretarial services

75 small business ideas in South Africa that actually work

Source: UGC

Remote secretarial services are increasingly becoming fashionable. The idea is suitable for people who share strong communication skills, have good time management habits. Experience is also necessary when venturing into secretarial services as a business.

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61. Reviewer or tester

Startups are on the hunt for people to review and recommend their products. You can dive into this lucrative business by approaching the management of setting up your online profile to attract potential clients. You can as well use your blog or Vlog as a platform to share your opinion concerning different products and services in the form of a review.

62. Bookkeeping services

Work from home as a freelance bookkeeper without becoming a certified public accountant. Regardless of whether you are good with numbers or not, you can exhaust online invoicing tools to simplify your work.

63. Sell electronics accessories

Almost everyone owns at least an electronic gadget or two. Take advantage of this overwhelming market by selling accessories such as chargers, earphones, phone cases, and memories among others. It is for sure that the business promises a brighter future in its returns.

64. Google paid ad specialist

Paid internet marketing through ad campaigns is very much rewarding to dedicated persons. You can as well position the business as a source of extra pay. As your consultancy business grows, you will earn much more from your rapidly booming business operations. You can as well become a Landing Page Specialist.

65. Fiverr gigs

First-time individuals with specialized skills can create their profiles at Fiverr to attract potential clients. With some insights and knowledge, you can quickly turn your business into a million dollar business.

66. WordPress website consultant

Many South Africans are expressing interest in blogging. You can build WordPress templates for them or respond to different expert questions that surround WordPress setup, use and applications. Becoming a WordPress agent and consultant is a suitable business.

67. Artwork and collector

75 small business ideas in South Africa that actually work

Source: UGC

Ensemble contemporary artwork for high-end clients who will pay highly for good work. You can as well develop your art and sell it if you are talented. Artworks share not only explicit messages but also communicate creative ideas.

68. Develop an app

If you are a gifted programmer, you can come up with an app that solves an impending problem. If the app gains market success and high reception, you could become the next millionaire. Apps are useful and compare to no other operational platforms in the modern age.

69. Online news correspondent

Apply your journalistic skills working as a news correspondent from the comfort of your home.

70. Patent an idea

Patents pay well to the owners. Come up with an innovation or invention for a lucrative patent.

71. Personal fitness trainer

Become a private fitness instructor and help people lose weight at a fee. You can as well help them maintain a healthy diet.

72. Music instructor

Are you a professional musician or a talented person? Help others learn how to sing at a fee. You can train them on how to play instruments or sing for an exciting effect.

73. DJ-ing

75 small business ideas in South Africa that actually work

Source: UGC

Develop your skill as a DJ and master the art of entertainment for better hit releases.

74. Baking services

Establish a bakery and apply your skills in baking for heightened profits. We all love cakes and cookies for their enriched flavors. Cooking good bakeries is financially rewarding. Cooking is a diverse opportunity that particularly calls for specialized knowledge and skills

75. Freelance content marketing

This business opportunity is both stable and profitable with prospects of improving in the long run. Experienced content marketing freelancers earn highly making the opportunity very competitive.

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There are several small business ideas in South Africa that almost everyone can venture for a steady stream of income. Some of these opportunities come at no cost while others require some form of investment. Which idea excited you the most and what would be a good small business to start? Share your opinion with us in the comments.



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