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small business ideas for women

small business ideas for women

Women Entrepreneurs and Business Ideas - YourStory.com

Posted: 12 Mar 2019 12:50 AM PDT

Let us not segregate the business ideas based on gender. As I have seen, problems faced by women entrepreneurs are same the one faced by men entrepreneurs.

As we are talking about ideas let us see the problems that entrepreneurs face in terms of ideas. Idea is the foundation to your self-employment. When you are hit by the right idea then things get going. Here, it is to be noted that right idea need not mean the one which is near and dear to you. Neither, I refer the one that is out of your area of expertise or area of interest.

The right idea refers to an idea that has both market validity and has personal interest and expertise of the entrepreneur. Although the last resort is contacting business consultants, let us look some of the ways to arrive at the right idea.

Feasibility here is an important term in entrepreneurship when we talk about ideas. Feasibility of the idea will depend on demand of the product, the market, transportation, distribution channel, and cost of production and may other factors. It is only when most of the factors align that the idea becomes feasible.

There is no point becoming a Spiderman when you do not have tall buildings in the vicinity!

So hit on the idea that has market validity and could get your personal touch.

Next step is looking for the loophole area. If you are planning to launch as entrepreneur in an industry then study the industry well. Try to detect the area where least work has been done. Just as a thesis writer!

Be honest to yourself. Chalk out the strength and weaknesses so that you don't land up playing against your weakness. Before starting off as an entrepreneur make sure you are well aware of the strength and weakness you have.

What you like?

As I have mentioned above that a larger part of the right idea comes in the question what you like? This could be measured from the areas you are good at. For some entrepreneurs these two may be different concepts. Is it teaching, giving advice, software, food, cafes or medical treatment? The options are endless.

You are the boss here!

Sometimes, it may happen that you are unaware of the skill and talent you have. Our family and friends tend to know us better. A good way of knowing it is to ask them.

Find out what else has to be learned in order to get your idea in the market. You may need to get training in what you are thinking to pursue as an entrepreneur.

Why not go through some of the ideas now? These ideas are especially picked up for you. Keep in mind these ideas have got nothing to do with gender, at the end of the day. You can do anything you want, provided you have a thorough market research done.

Writer :

If you think your kind of business is the one that can be operated from home then being a writer is the best option possible. If you have a flair for writing set yourself as freelance writer. Later on you can start to send out projects to junior freelancers.

Graphic Designer :

You can start off as graphic designers. In India there are short terms courses on graphic designing. With digitization catching up the market like wild fire, graphic designers get placed well. You can also take up freelancing projects.

Teacher :

If you think corporate timings are not your thing and you are good teacher then set yourself up a coaching center or a small school.

For more business ideas get in touch with business consultants.

Boutique :

Opening a Boutique is the first thing that comes in any woman's mind. Even though there isn't any lack of boutiques in any city, the customer base of such stores keep increasing every day; as customers want better quality and variety in the types of clothes and accessories they wear.

Beauty Parlour :

This small business only needs a little investment on training, quality products and basic equipment. One can easily turn a spare room into a cozy beauty salon. This beauty business suits women of every age.

Gift Shop :

No prior experience is required in setting up a gift shop business. Everyone knows what to expect in a gift shop, so order things from a trusted dealer accordingly or search the Internet for latest gift items and build up your stock in your store to sell.

Bakery :

Bakery products have gained popularity among Indian consumers. In today's complex and competitive food industry, growth comes through innovation. Selecting the right product and proper marketing strategy are the major deciding factors in getting success in the bakery business. This is one of the most profitable small scale business ideas for women entrepreneurs.

Form filling or Data entry :

There are data entry jobs, wherein you should refer the internet for filing the forms. Here you can earn a certain amount of rupees from each form and so you will be paid on the basis of the number of forms.

Jewlery Making :

A person who is crazy about jewelry and passionate to handle crafts materials like beads, charms etc. can start a jewelry making business. Having some training in jewelry making is essential in starting this business with a small investment.

Selling Online :

Selling online is another option. If you are passionate about a given class of products, such as fitness paraphernalia, you will have great success. There is plenty of money to be made.

A lot of us have a fascination with custom-made jewelry, but very few know how to make it. If you are among the select few, you could open an online custom jewelry store. Online beading stores are a variation of this.

If you have the power to transform a face with your makeup skills, why not share them? You can even sell your own makeup. This is a newly developing and very interesting niche.

Other Miscellaneous Business Ideas

Apart from these women can join up with the banking sector as earn money by becoming an insurance agent. They can also be agents to sell cosmetic and branded plastic cooking utensils like Tupperware. Women can also open up home tuition in the field she is expert in. She could teach subjects or open a music, dance or an art class. 

APEC Forum Interview: Removing Hurdles to Trade for Women-Owned Businesses Globally - GlobalAtlanta

Posted: 12 Mar 2019 05:02 AM PDT

Editor's note: During the National Center for APEC's recent Atlanta roundtable, Global Atlanta caught up with Laura Lane, president of global public affairs at United Parcel Service Inc., to discuss how APEC can help address the systemic issues that keep female small-business owners from engaging more deeply in the global economy. This interview has been edited for length and flow. 

Global Atlanta: UPS is working with the White House and USAID on an export initiative for women entrepreneurs around the world. UPS also helps train female business owners in the art of finding global markets via webinars and workshops. A recent news release noted that the company spent $600 million purchasing from women-owned businesses last year. Tell us more about these efforts. 

Laura Lane, UPS's president of global public policy

It's about empowering women everywhere. The objective with Ivanka Trump's Women's Global Development and Prosperity Initiative is to raise 50 million women out of poverty, with a big investment by the government, but also by bringing all parts of the government together. 

If you operate in silos trying to address specific issues that keep small and medium-sized companies or women-owned businesses from exporting, but you don't address it holistically, you're just creating another link in the chain, but the chain isn't all connected together. 

I'm pretty excited about our partnerships with just the White House, but also the International Trade Centre's SheTrades initiative

Global Atlanta: What are the issues specific to women that are different from challenges male-owned small businesses might face? 

Sadly, women in many countries can't own property in their name. It's only a man that can own property. How do you run a business if you can't own the property? 

Women sometimes can't open bank accounts on their own. They have to have a male co-signer to open an account and/or secure a loan because the laws of the country say that the only credible co-signer is a man. 

What about the fact that in some of these markets, and I'm talking lesser-developed markets, women when they reach age 16 are not encouraged to continue their education. So how are they learning about the transformative power that getting on the Internet and connecting to a broader array of customers can do for the small business that they're running in their local community? 

It shouldn't be a gender issue; (business) evaluation should be based on, is it a good product, is it a good business to invest in? 

The U.S. pulled out of the TPP and has all but sworn off multilateral trade deals. What do you think sets the 21-member Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation apart as a forum focused on cooperation rather than binding trade negotiations toward trade agreements? 

(In multilateral forums) we need to not necessarily be focusing on how many more regulations or policy commitments we need, but it's about creating that enabling environment that allows things to happen, that allows businesses of all sizes to flourish. 

It isn't about checking a box and saying we got the following agreements done with the following commitments. It's about how many businesses we have empowered to do more. That should be the metric for success. That's how our company looks at it. It's not about how many packages delivered. It's about how many companies we have helped grow. 

The value that I see particularly from APEC is that you have such a range of economies — different sizes, different levels of development — and if you can incubate solutions with that broad array of differences, then they become lasting ones.

UPS is a network company. If there's issues with one part of the network, another part of the network feels it. APEC is the network, if you think about it, for bringing those ideas and solutions together and then coordinating them across that region. So the network works.  

UPS has one of the three sitting members of the U.S. APEC Business Advisory Committee. Given that some say people now trust their employers more than their governments, what role do companies have to play in touting the benefits of trade and globalization?

I think it is our responsibility to use the trust we establish with our customers, with our employees, in the communities where we work, to really tell the story how we're all interconnected. Trade has become a dirty word, and sometimes it's held accountable for a lot of the challenges that societies are dealing with, when in reality a lot of the dialogue needs to be about how we can work together to create fulfilling jobs in a more modern economy and build on that trust that people have in the companies that they work with to empower them to be at that next level.


Ms. Lane was one of the speakers at the World Affairs Council of Atlanta's recent International Women's Day breakfast. Learn more about that event here

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