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best small business to start

best small business to start

10 Tips to Help You Create a Smart Business - Small Business Trends

Posted: 16 Mar 2019 09:00 AM PDT

Smart companies aren't just those that have intelligent leaders. They also have systems, tools and proper planning in place that allow every department or function to run together seamlessly. To become a smart company, you need to integrate smart ideas into every facet of your business. Here are some tips from members of the online small business community.

Manage Your Website Effectively

Your website is one of the most important tools your small business has. To manage it effectively, you need access to the right tools. In this WP Buffs post, Brenda Barron provides a full explanation and walk-through of GoDaddy Pro, so you can see if it may be helpful for your business.

Don't Let Downers Kill Your Business

Part of running a smart company is eliminating any factors that may be slowing you down. Sometimes, the people around you may be causing problems. Other times, the problem may be within yourself. Martin Zwilling discusses this idea further in this Startup Professionals Musings post.

Turn Your Blog Posts into Videos in Minutes

Smart companies make the most of their content and their time. You can do both by repurposing blog posts into videos using the quick strategy outlined in this Pixel Productions post by Chris London. Members of the BizSugar community also shared thoughts on the post here.

Use These Helpful Organization and Productivity Apps

No matter what your small business goals are, you need strategies for getting things done. Luckily, there are plenty of tools and apps available for improving organization and productivity. In this Crowdspring post, Amanda Bowman goes over some of the top options for small businesses today.

Do This Before You Start Looking for a Franchise Business

If you're thinking about jumping into the world of franchise ownership, there are many preparatory steps you should take first. Before you even start looking at franchise opportunities, Joel Libava of The Franchise King recommends you do one specific thing. Read this post for more.

Add These 3 Team Members To Your Lifestyle Business

The team members you choose for your business can make a big impact on your success over time. If you run a lifestyle business, there are specific types of employees that you just can't live without, according to Neil Duncan. He elaborates in this Biz Epic post.

Make These Key Considerations to Succeed on Amazon

Amazon offers a unique opportunity for small businesses to reach tons of online consumers quickly and easily. But like any platform, there are specific things you need to do in order to be found easily. Check out this Search Engine Land post by Ginny Marvin for more information on this topic.

Choose the Right Conversion Method for Your Business

Your business can change over time. So the structure and location that you choose at first may need to also change. In this CorpNet post, Nellie Akalp explores the differences between statutory conversion and business domestication so you can best choose the option that's applicable to your business.

Use This Simple SEO Checklist

SEO allows more potential customers to find you, which is essential for any smart company. To get a handle on your SEO, check out this checklist from Nikola Roza of Inspire to Thrive. Then see what BizSugar members had to say about the post here.

Integrate Everything Like a Smart Company

Today's businesses have so many different options for tools and technology. But all of that can be a bit overwhelming. So many smart companies are finding ways to integrate all of those tools into fewer solutions and dashboards. If you want to take advantage of this tactic for your own business, read this post by Ramon Ray.

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The Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS: Episode 4 - [03.16.19] - Atlanta Small Business Network

Posted: 16 Mar 2019 05:00 AM PDT

Want your business featured on The Atlanta Small Business Show? Tell us your story! And if you would like to advertise with ASBN, give us a call at 678-332-9706 or email us at

On this week's episode of the Atlanta Small Business Show, we spoke to business consultant and author Jon Gordon about positivity in the workplace. Best-selling author Joseph Michelli then gave advice in this week's Advice From the Pro's segment. We then talked to Karen Leland, best-selling author and president of Sterling Marketing Group, about building your business's brand strategy. Ted Jenkin then invited Lee Heisman, CEO of Atlanta based IT company Savant, on the Atlanta Small Business Profile to discuss the services an IT company provides and what it takes to launch and flourish a service-based business. We rounded out the show by interviewing Kendrick Shope, creator and CEO of Authentic Selling. Kendrick came on to explain how you can improve your approach to sales to see your profits skyrocket.

Positive Leadership: How to Increase Efficiency, Collaboration, and Fulfillment From the Top Down – Jon Gordon, Business Consultant & Author
According to a report from the World Economic Forum, workplace positivity increases when employees are given increased flexibility in their responsibilities. A positive environment encourages employees to perform better and more efficiently while also receiving support from coworkers. We spoke to Jon Gordon, business consultant, and author of 9 business books including The Power of a Positive Team, Jon's latest guide to the principles and practices that build great teams. Watch Now

The 4 Secret Ingredients to Building a Loyal and Lucrative Customer Base – Joseph Michelli, NYT Best-Selling Author
Consistently providing an extraordinary customer experience is what creates loyal customers and helps your business generate revenue. Here to tell us how your business can develop a worthwhile customer experience strategy, is Joseph Michelli, customer experience expert, psychologist, and New York Times best-selling author. Joseph was named one of the Top 10 thought leaders in Customer Service by Global Gurus, and his clients include Microsoft, Capital One, and Fiat. Watch Now

Brand Mapping Strategies: The Seven Core Elements of a Powerful Business – Karen Leland, Sterling Marketing Group
If you're a first-time entrepreneur, you might think of company branding as a logo, website, or product packaging. Others think of branding as a slogan or mantra, and while all of these are important marketing tools, they're just the tip of the iceberg. Here to give us a comprehensive look inside building your business's brand strategy is Karen Leland, president of Sterling Marketing Group, branding expert, and best-selling author of nine business books. Karen has worked in over 50 countries with clients like Apple, Google, and AT&T and has been featured on CNN, Bloomberg, and Oprah. Watch Now

Atlanta Small Business Profile – Lee Heisman, CEO of Savant
On this week's episode of Atlanta Small Business Profile, Ted Jenkin welcomes Lee Heisman, CEO of Atlanta based IT company, Savant. Ted and Lee discuss the services an IT company provides, what it takes to launch and flourish a service-based business, and the biggest mistake Lee believes entrepreneurs make when starting their business. Watch Now

Authentic Selling: How Kendrick Shope Built This Internationally Recognized Sales Process
While a great product or service is the foundation of any business, a clear sales strategy is crucial to your growth and success in a competitive marketplace. Here to tell us how you can improve your approach to sales and see your profits skyrocket, is Kendrick Shope, creator and CEO of Authentic Selling. Kendrick has been recognized by Forbes as a leading sales coach in 2016 and spent 17 years as a top performing Fortune 500 sales rep. Watch Now

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How To Get Started On Your Dream Career Right Now Even If You Have Little Time Or Money - Forbes

Posted: 16 Mar 2019 10:42 AM PDT

I am often asked for the very first step in making a big career change, such as the leap into entrepreneurship that this reader aspires to:

I work as a saleslady but I have a vision of starting my own business one day – Bongi

The specific action steps that are best for you will be customized to you – where you are starting from, what your goal is, what resources (time, money, expertise) you have. That said, the very first step that is applicable to anyone who aspires to make a change is to get started with doing something, anything right away.

When you have a notion that you want something different, getting active reinforces that notion . That action builds excitement and momentum, and you get a snowball effect which helps keep you going. Even if the action you choose ultimately points you in a different direction (maybe that first step wasn't quite right or the goal itself needs to be tweaked) by doing something you actually realize you need to course-correct.

When you're starting from scratch, a small action seems more doable. Even better, starting small is also a smart move. You don't want to plunk down thousands of dollars to buy into a franchise or commit to a long-term class when you're not 100% certain what you need and want. You do not need a lot of time or money to get started, if you start with small action steps.

Here are five small action steps to get started on your dream career right now:

1 - Get physical

If it's been a while that you have made a change, career or otherwise, you'll be battling inertia and potentially bad habits, like decompressing with some mindless Internet or TV and then suddenly your after-work time is gone. Practice getting active by getting physically active – take a walk, do an exercise video, or pick something that doesn't require a lot of set up or planning. You'll get some energy from the physical movement, and you'll also build in active time into your free time, which you can then switch out for a specific career activity once you're clearer on what you need to do.

2 - Journal your ideas

You can also earmark your down time for writing in a dream journal the ideas for your new career. Each idea will likely require research and additional action steps. If you pursue each idea as it comes to you, you may get bogged down in the process and lose momentum. Instead, make it easy on yourself and set aside your first week or two for just the idea generation. This keeps you focused on the big dream and the excitement of it.

3 - Get visual

In addition to writing about your dream and the ideas that follow, you can create a vision board to give you more tangible inspiration. You can collect images off the Internet and create a Pinterest board or other electronic vision board that you refer to regularly. Or if you're more tactile, take a stack of magazines and create a live board.

4 - Get inspired – find success stories

If you're like Bongi and going from a traditional job to entrepreneurship, you're probably surrounded by more traditional employees than business owners. It may be tempting to fall into old patterns of thought and behavior. Instead, start saving articles and other mentions of people living the dream career you envision. Once you start looking for real-life examples of career change, you'll notice more and more. You'll get a steady stream of inspiration, and your own career change will seem that much more doable.

5 - Get educated – find resources

Once you're all charged up with ideas and inspiration, you'll want to get more hands-on with your new career. Still, you don't need to spend a lot of time and money to start. Hold of on deciding to go to graduate school, or some other big investment. There are plenty of blogs that cover career and business. Or you can stock up on free books from the library – this book on solo-person businesses that generate millions is both inspirational and informative. Make it a game to learn one new thing about your dream career each day.

Whatever small action step you pick to get started, at the early stage, it's most important that you just get started . I have changed careers multiple times over the last 25+ years of professional work. Most recently, my career malaise turned into a new business in Costa Rica. I'm a native New Yorker, so a business abroad seems like a radical shift. However, I started small (jotting down ideas, reading inspiring case studies), built from there (diving deeper with relevant publications and memberships), and then made a bigger leap when I felt more sure of the direction I really wanted to go.

How about you? How can you start small, so you can start right your dream career right away?

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