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Unless you’re pulling onto a one-way street, making a left-hand turn means crossing one or more lanes of traffic. When an accident occurs in this scenario, the driver who is making the left turn is usually responsible because they typically have an obligation to yield to oncoming vehicles.

There are, of course, many exceptions. For example, the motorist in the vehicle that was traveling straight could be held liable if they were speeding when passing through the intersection. Running a red light or ignoring a stop sign can also result in a devastating collision.

Unfortunately, proving fault in any of these scenarios can be challenging. But with help from a strategic personal injury attorney, it may be possible to build a successful claim.

It is especially important that you consult a lawyer if you believe the opposing party will argue that you were partially or entirely at fault for the crash. A seasoned attorney can help you gather all available evidence of liability. Here are just a few types of evidence that are often used to prove liability in left-turn accident cases:

  • Eyewitness testimony;
  • Photographs of the wreckage;
  • Dash cam footage from nearby vehicles;
  • Surveillance recordings of the collision;
  • Cell phone records;
  • Police reports;
  • Transcripts from the deposition of the allegedly liable motorist;
  • Statements from accident reconstruction experts; and
  • The results of any chemical tests conducted at the scene.

Even if you are able to gather sufficient evidence of liability, it’s important to remember that this proof will only provide half the foundation for a strong personal injury claim. The other half is evidence of damages.

You must be able to prove that you incurred damages as a direct result of the accident. And since Minnesota follows a no-fault system, you must be able to provide evidence that such damages exceeded $4,000 if you want to sue the at-fault driver. It may also be possible to bypass the state’s no-fault system if you suffered scarring, disfigurement, a permanent injury, or at least 60 days of disability. Proof of these damages might include:

  • Medical bills;
  • Diagnostic images;
  • Photographs of any visible wounds;
  • Statements from your healthcare provider;
  • Pay stubs detailing missed work; and
  • Journal entries detailing the recovery process. 

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