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A prominent legal firm in San Diego, California has announced that they offer aggressive representation for victims. The San Diego personal injury lawyer states that too often, victims of an accident are treated unfairly and do not receive the positive end result that they deserve.

Brett Geruntino, an attorney with the firm says, “Victims today are made to look like the bad guy. Our goal is to help victims to recover the compensation that they deserve for things like time off of work, medical bills and other needs. If someone is injured due to the negligence of someone else, they should not be made to look like instigator of that situation.”

Geruntino states that there are a number of things that could warrant the need for a personal injury case. People are injured every day in vehicle accidents or by falling or otherwise being hurt on someone else’s property. He states that even a dog bite could warrant the need for a personal injury lawyer and that consumers need to know that they have legal recourse if and when they are injured when that injury is caused by someone else.

“We fight aggressively for our clients,” Geruntino says. “We believe that every injustice needs to be cleared. Whether the client has thousands of dollars in medical bills or has vehicle expenses due to a wreck caused by someone else; whatever the reason, our job is to get that client the positive result that they deserve.”

Geruntino says that Acclaim Law Group works tirelessly to prove their cases and to get their clients what they deserve. Personal injury cases take up a significant level of court documents in the United States every year. Of those cases that are filed every year, four to five percent end up going to trial. The others are often settled out of court when the defense and the plaintiffs come to an agreement about what should be done to settle with the victim. Geruntino says that his law firm works to ensure that their clients receive the most positive outcomes from their cases. Often this includes payment for medical bills, payment to the victim to cover the cost of being unable to work and often, compensation for the trauma that the victim has incurred.

The law firm states that victims no longer need to feel as if they are being persecuted simply because of someone else’s negligence. Geruntino says that they have assisted many victims who otherwise would have gone without compensation from accidents that were clearly the fault of the plaintiffs. He states that anyone who has been involved in a vehicle accident or any other instance where they were injured, should contact the legal firm immediately to get started.

The attorney states that time is of the essence in cases like these. Personal injury cases often require proof of the injury, so he states that anyone who has been injured should keep accurate records of any medical visits or care that they have received. Other things such as vehicle damage or other property damage should also be documented.

Geruntino says that many victims hesitate to take action against the negligent party because they know them personally. In cases of dog bites for instance, the victim may not want to involve a legal firm because the dog owner is a friend or acquaintance. He states that victims in these cases still need legal representation to ensure that they receive compensation for their injuries. He states that in many cases, it is often the insurance company of the plaintiff who is expected to pay compensation. Those who are interested in learning more about what constitutes a personal injury case or in speaking with a representative from the law firm can visit them online at The attorney states that anyone in the San Diego area who would like to schedule an initial consultation can do so online or contact the law firm directly.


For more information about Acclaim Law Group, contact the company here:

Acclaim Law Group
Brett Geruntino
(858) 252-0781
591 Camino de la Reina, Suite 650, San Diego, CA, 92108


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