Morris Bart to NFL refs: One Call, That's All! -

New Orleans personal injury lawyer Morris Bart has a message for the NFL after the Saints lost the NFC Championship game.

“Hey Refs!,” his yellow billboard reads. “One Call, That’s All!”

Saints fans remain livid about a disputed non-call by game officials in the final minutes of regulation of Sunday’s game. A pass interference penalty against the Los Angeles Rams went uncalled late in regulation and they beat the Saints in overtime to reach the Super Bowl. The non-call was not reviewable.

“I can’t get over the unfairness of it,” Morris Bart told | The Times-Picayune during a phone interview Thursday morning. “The billboards were a good way to vent. ... Had they just made that one call, there’s no doubt the Saints would have been in the Super Bowl.”

Ten billboards went up Tuesday around the city, according to Kaley Fabre, marketing director for Morris Bart’s law firm. One is visible from Interstate 10 in downtown New Orleans. Another one is going up in Gulfport, Bart said.

“We’re going to have them up through the Super Bowl,” he said.

The billboards come after a widely shared meme after the game featured a picture of Bart and asked, “Where’s Morris Bart when you need him? We needed 1 call, thats all!”

His law firm shared the meme on Bart’s Facebook page, adding, “If I was the ref, I would make the RIGHT call!”

NFL leaders and the league’s rulemaking competition committee after the game said they plan to give consideration this offseason to making pass interference calls subject to instant replay review.

Meanwhile, Saints fans are organizing Boycott Bowl, an alternative event to the Super Bowl. And they’ve bought anti-NFL billboards in Atlanta, the host city for this year’s Super Bowl.

“SAINTS GOT ROBBED,” reads one billboard.

“NFL BLEAUX IT!” reads another.

There are others:



The story of how a Saints fan got those billboards up in Atlanta

The Washington Post and | The Times-Picayune reporter Christopher Dabe contributed to this story.

Carlie Kollath Wells is a morning reporter at | The Times-Picayune. Have an early-bird tip? Send it to her: or Twitter @carlie_kollath.


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