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How to Move Forward After a Motorcycle Injury - Personal Injury Legal Blogs Posted by Justin McMinn - Blog

Motorcycle accident claims in Texas

Legal action after a motorcycle accident can help victims suffering from injuries get the care they need. Personal injury lawyers defend the rights of motorcycle crash victims. With their knowledge of the law, trial experience, and negotiating skills, an attorney can often get much more for a client than they would on their own.

If you or someone you love is facing injuries from a motorcycle accident, it’s a good idea to hire an attorney who can protect your interests.

Unfortunately, insurance adjusters are responsible to the bottom line of the insurance company. Even when you are looking for a settlement from your own insurance provider

But a motorcycle accident attorney will always have your best interest in mind. A personal injury attorney generally works on a contingency fee basis. That means that they don’t paid unless you do, because their income comes from a percentage of the total settlement or jury verdict recovered in the case. When they take a percentage, that means that the better they represent you to get a maximum fair settlement, the better their financial benefit from the case. A maximum fair settlement is directly attached to the monetary success of their law practice. 

Motorcycle accident lawyers often have a deeper understanding of Texas laws, physical considerations that impact motorcyclists, and insurance policy relating to motorcyclists. Local motorcycle laws and ordinances can vary depending upon the location of where the accident took place. it’s important to hire a lawyer who is an expert in the county the accident took place in, where they have a deep understanding of laws, and how best to approach the case should it go to trial. 

As an example of how widely motorcycle law can range, every state has a police on: 

  • motorcycle rider helmet requirements
  • whether or not lane splitting is legal in the state 
  • and how much insurance, and what kind motorcyclists are required to carry on their vehicle or for their own protection. 
  • Some states require motorcyclists to wear a helmet. Only certain motorcyclists are advised by the law to wear helmets in Texas. Those riders include those who are under the age of 18. Over the age of 18, a rider may choose not to wear a helmet if they have purchased a minimum insurance policy that would cover their injuries in the event of a crash.

    Have you ever wondered “Is it legal to ride a motorcycle between two cars?” A motorcyclist zips past in heavy rush hour traffic and you want to know if what they did was really a good idea in the eyes of the law. In Texas, no such action is legally explicitly permitted. In other states, such as California, motorcyclists are legally able to ride between vehicles when traffic is moving 25 mph or lower. However in Texas, the practice has the possibility to result in a traffic ticket.

    Lane splitting is a rule that could be up on this season’s legislative season – Texas State Senator Kirk Watson has advocated for a policy that would legalize the practice of lane splitting under some circumstances. Until legislation is passed in Texas, it may be safer to wait in congested traffic. That being said, there is no rule against two motorcyclists riding side-by-side. Is there a better way to pass the sunny Texas days than going on a ride with 50 of your best friends? No, and there’s no harm in enjoying the safety motorcyclists can enjoy when they travel in numbers. 

    Riding a motorcycle falls under unique regulation and insurance guidelines when riding in Texas. If someone you love is facing the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, suggest that they speak with an attorney. Case consultations with motorcycle personal injury lawyers are free. Having someoene they can trust to represent them in court is under their rights as a Texan. 

    Pursuing legal action following a motorcycle accident can allow the victim to recover much needed financial resources for their injuries. An attorney whose law practice focuses on assisting injured motorcyclists during negotiations and on to trial will be able to advocate for their rights. Those facing a serious motorcycle accident at the hands of someone else’s negligence should speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer in their lawyer to learn about their options going forward. 

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